Techarenan Summit - Serendipity Challenge

Thank you all participants and partners for a great event!

24 April 2019 – Waterfront, Stockholm

Startup Tech Arena   |   Disruptive Technologies
Keynotes   |   Panel Discussions   |   Networking

Meet Sweden’s and the Nordics’ most prominent startup & growth companies and join entrepreneurs, business leaders, politicians and investors in discussing entrepreneurship, innovation and future technologies.

Visitors can listen to exhibiting startup and growth companies pitching on stage during the day.

Podcast from Techarenan Summit 2019

Listen to entrepreneurs, politicians, investors and leaders talk about their work. What can we build when we combine tech, people, culture and passion?


Anders Tjernvik, Linkura

A conversation about health tech, stress and the coming health revolution.


Hélène Barnekow, Microsoft

A conversation about culture, people and leading through transformation (Swedish).


Stefan Karlsson, EKN

A conversation about the national economy, country risk analyses and the importance of internationalization (Swedish).


Annie Lööf, Centerpartiet

A conversation about how tech and politics fit together, digital maturity in politics and how to be a political leader in 2019 (Swedish).


Katarina Berg, Spotify

A conversation about tapping into the global talent pool, human-centred organisations and why everything starts with a why (Swedish).


Susanna Campbell, Norrsken

A conversation about impact investing, her profit and planet focus and what might define success in the future (Swedish).


 Emma Wiklund, Emma S

A conversation about holistic skincare, customer obsession and building a successful e-commerce business (Swedish).


Per Heyden, Polestar

A conversation about design-driven organisations, building an awesome product and next-gen car companies (Swedish).


Chelsea Collier, Digi.City

A conversation about smart cities and how globalism, urbanism, digitalization and sustainability fit together (English).


Katja Lindvall, Moving floor

A conversation about the innovation culture, the future of agriculture, creating value by connecting the physical and digital universe (Swedish).

Main StageSession 1

Registration and coffee

Opening Ceremony

Leading Through Transformation

Hélène Barnekow, CEO, Microsoft Sweden
Petra Einarsson, CEO, Billerud Korsnäs
Lotta Lyrå, CEO, Clas Ohlson
Örjan Frid, CEO, Eniro

Tap Into the Global Talent Pool

Annie Lööf, Leader of Centerpartiet
Katarina Berg, Global HR Director, Spotify
Jonas Gustavsson, CEO, ÅF

Global Changes Affecting Swedish Tech Companies

Jan-Olof Jacke, CEO, Svenskt Näringsliv
Anders Fast, Managing Director, Baker McKenzie
Annika Winsth, Chief Economist, Nordea
Anna Felländer, Founder, AI Sustainability Center

Main StageSession 2

Thinking Big and Building Global

Jacob de Geer, Founder, iZettle
Peter Carlsson, Founder, Northvolt
Jan Erik Solem, Founder, Mapillary

The Art of Modern Investing

Sophia Bendz, Partner, Atomico
Susanna Campbell, Chief Investment Officer, Norrsken
Susanne Najafi, Founder BackingMinds
Staffan Helgesson, General Partner Creandum

How to Market to the New Generation

Konrad Bergström, Founder, X Shore & Zoundindustries
Fredrik Hjelm, Founder, VOI
Emma Wiklund, Founder, Emma S.
Kaaren Hilsen, CEO, Telenor Sweden

Design to Conquer the World

Stefan Ytterborn, Founder, Cake and POC
Pär Heyden, Head of Brand, Polestar
Andreas Säfström, Head of Industrial Design, Ericsson

Leveraging New Technologies for Sustainability

Ulf Skagerström, Founder, Matsmart
Isabella Palmgren, Founder, Mimbly
Karin Bjerde, Director, Kognity
Chelsea Collier, Founder, Digi. City
Katja Lindvall, Founder, Moving Floor

Stage 2Break Out Sessions

The Art of Raising Capital

Martin Folke, Georg Jonsson, lawyer, Baker McKenzie Advokatbyrå
Erik Göransson, CFO/COO, Leeroy Group

Cyber Security

Mats Nordlund, Director Research and Special Projects, ZENUITY
Bengt Sahlin, Networking Security at Nomadiclab, Ericsson
Joakim Sundberg, Founder, Baffin Bay Networks

Design as a competitive Tool

Stefan Ytterborn, Founder Cake
Mikael Abbhagen, Design Director/Founding Partner, Altered
Johan Lindau, CEO & Design Manager, Blå Station
Jonas Åberg, Senior Engineer, Teenage Engineering
Nathalie Tindsjö, Service Designer & UX Designer, inUse
Anton Andrén, Hardware Manager, CELLINK

Pitch Stage

11:00 – 14:15

Glue    I   Vultus   I   Skira
Sensative   I   Sellpy   I   Linkura
Virkesbörsen   I   Furhat Robotics
Baffin Bay Networks   I   Mimbly
Gigstr   I   Cake   I   Learning to sleep
Kognity   I   Lexplore   I   Baetes
Getaccept I Matsmart I EcoLiving
MovingFloor   I   Xshore   I   Pantapå

On stage & at Techarenan,


Susanne Najafi

Founder, BackingMinds


Jacob de Geer

Founder, iZettle

Helene Barnekow

Hélène Barnekow

CEO, Microsoft Sweden

Annie Lööf

Annie Lööf

Party Leader, Centerpartiet

Sophia Bendz

Sophia Bendz

Partner, Atomico


Anna Felländer

Co-Founder, AI Sustainability Center


Susanna Campbell

Chief Investment Officer, Norrsken


Peter Carlsson

Founder, Northvolt


Konrad Bergström

Founder, X Shore

jonas gustavsson

Jonas Gustavsson


Kaaren Hilsen

Kaaren Hilsen

CEO, Telenor Sweden

Jan Erik Solem

Jan Erik Solem

Founder, Mapillary

Jan-Olof Jacke

Jan-Olof Jacke

CEO, Svenskt Näringsliv

Katarina Berg

Katarina Berg

Global HR Director, Spotify


Petra Einarsson

CEO, Billerud Korsnäs

Annika Winsth

Annika Winsth

Chief Economist, Nordea


Pär Heyden

Head of Brand, Polestar


Anders Fast

Managing Director, Baker McKenzie Advokatbyrå


Sara Wimmercrantz

Founder, BackingMinds

Stefan Ytterborn

Stefan Ytterborn

Founder, Cake and POC


Lotta Lyrå

CEO, Clas Ohlson

Örjan Frid

Örjan Frid

CEO, Eniro


Ashkan Pouya

Founder, Serendipity


Emma Wiklund

Founder, Emma S Skincare


Andreas Säfström

Head of Industrial Design & Usability, Ericsson


Carl-Johan Karlsson

Director, SME & Midcorp, Exportkreditnämnden


Fredrik Hjelm

Founder, VOI


Chelsea Collier

Founder, Digi.City


Katja Lindvall

Founder, Moving Floor


Ulf Skagerström

Founder, Matsmart


Isabella Palmgren

Founder, Mimbly


Karin Bjerde

Director, Kognity


Omid Ekhlasi

Founder, Techarenan

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Meet Sweden’s most prominent startup & Growth companies and join entrepreneurs, business leaders, politicians and investors in discussing entrepreneurship, innovation and future technologies.

Techarenan is an annual entrepreneurship competition and tech arena open to all Nordic startup and growth companies. The platform and community are fueling innovation and aims at acknowledge leading startup and growth companies as a significant and decisive force in how our future will look like.

The paradigm shift we are facing right now is unprecedented. Who acts on it will determine the key players of the next century’s technological transformation. Join the discussion that gathers both impressive entrepreneurial minds and global business leaders. Listen to inspirational speakers and gain new perspectives while building relationships with some of the most disruptive startups and growth companies. All in all, the most important tech insights will be manifested at Summit Stockholm.

Who's coming?

You will meet around 3,000 visitors attending the conference; foremost industry representatives, entrepreneurs, tech evangelists, international investors, partners, and media.

On stage & Tech Arena

Panels, keynotes and discussions on stage are to take new perspectives on innovation and tech. Through diversity in people and topics fueled by an international approach, the outcome from the stage will inspire and motivate everyone in the audience to take new steps in making the future. Full program to be announced.