ON The road to Zero

Thank you to all the brilliant entrepreneurs, EXPERTS, speakers, investors, partners and visitors for joining us at Techarenan Zero 2023!

23 MARCH 2023 - Stockholm

TECHARENAN ZERO is a full day summit addressing some of our most critical challenges to society.

Decision makers, experts, politicians and entrepreneurs are invited every year to discuss the road to “zeroing” these challenges to create a more sustainable planet.

Techarenan Zero is an invite-only event to tackle these challenges by creating a strong forum and community of high-level professionals who can bring real change.


Andreas Carlson

Minister for Infrastructure, Sweden

Bryndís Kjartansdóttir

Icelandic Ambassador to Sweden

Marco Bertacca

CEO, Quorn Foods

Cecilia Kocken

CEO (ELECT), Arla Sweden

Per Bolund

former Minister for the Environment and Climate

Jenny Larsson

CEO, Schneider Electric Sweden

Joël Tronchon

Sustainability Director, L'Oréal Europe

Ebba Grythberg

Head of Sustainability, Spotify

Richard Bergfors

CEO, Max

Judith Gough

CMG, British Ambassador to Sweden

Daniel Wetzel

Energy industry editor, Die Welt

Susanna Campbell

Investor and Chairwoman

Per Långsved


Allison Dring

CEO and Co-Founder, Made Of Air

Diego Pavía

CEO, EIT InnoEnergy

Heather Johnson

VP Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility, Ericsson

James McMicking

CSO, ZeroAvia

John Ahlberg

Founder, Kärnfull Next

Anna Gissler

CEO Invest Stockholm

Franc Mouwen

EIC Programme Manager, Construction Technologies

Peter Roos

CEO, Novatron Fusion Group

Miriam Münnich Vass

Head of Electrification and Energy, Teknikföretagen

Sebastian Berning

Co-CEO and Co-Founder, Instagrid

Emilia Käck

Public Affairs Manager Electrification, Scania

Johannes Boson

Managing director, Svea Solar

Linda Nyberg


Omid Ekhlasi

Founder, Techarenan


START 09:00


09:30 – Leading the Road to Zero

  • Judith Gough CMG, British Ambassador to Sweden
  • Bo Normark, Industrial Strategy Executive, EIT InnoEnergy
  • Daniel Wetzel, Energy Industry Editor, Die Welt
  • Anna Gissler, CEO, Invest Stockholm

10:00 – Different Worlds, Same Goals

  • Joël Tronchon, Sustainability Director Europe, L’Oréal
  • Ebba Grythberg, Head of Sustainability, Spotify
  • Per Långsved, CEO, Nordea Sweden
  • Heather Johnson, VP Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility, Ericsson



11:00 Intro – The Road to Electrification

  • Miriam Münnich Vass, Head of Electrification & Energy, Teknikföretagen

11:10 – The Future is Bright

  • Jenny Larsson, CEO, Schneider Electric Sweden
  • Susanna Campbell, Investor and Chairwoman
  • Emilia Käck, Head of Public Affairs Electrification, Scania
  • James McMicking, CSO, ZeroAvia
LUNCH 11:40


12:30 – The role of the Government in Creating Sustainable Societies

  • Andreas Carlson, Minister for Infrastructure, Sweden

12:40 – Future Energy

  • Bryndís Kjartansdóttir, Icelandic Ambassador to Sweden
  • Per Bolund, former Minister for the Environment and Climate, Sweden
  • Peter Roos, CEO, Novatron Fusion Group
  • Johannes Boson, Managing Director, Svea Solar

13:10 – The Long Road to Success

  • Allison Dring, CEO and Co-Founder, Made Of Air
  • Franc Mouwen, EIC Programme Manager, Construction Technologies
  • Sebastian Berning, Co-CEO and Co-Founder, Instagrid
  • John Ahlberg, Founder, Kärnfull Next


14:10 – The Food Industry of Tomorrow

  • Richard Bergfors, CEO, Max
  • Stephanie Jochems, Global Strategy Director, Quorn
  • Cecilia Kocken, CEO (Elect), Arla Sweden

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