Finalists 2023

The finals of Techarenan Challenge will take place on June 28-29 at Almedalsveckan, in Visby, Gotland.

The winners are announced on June 29 at Techminglet 2023


AI Medical Technology  Medtech

AI Medical Technology has developed the Dermalyser, a smartphone application leveraging AI that enables fast and accurate diagnosis of melanoma, the most dangerous form of skin cancer. Through image analysis and deep neural networks, Dermalyser provides diagnostic decision support to medical professionals, for accurate diagnosis and reduction of unnecessary surgeries. AI Medical Technology is currently conducting clinical trials with several health care centers.



Anocca  | Biotech

Anocca is a biotech company focused on T-cell immunotherapies to fundamentally improve patient outcomes in the hardest to treat cancers. They develop next-gen cell therapies (TCR-T) for hard-to-treat cancers, decoding complex targets and immune mechanisms. The company has partnerships with pharmaceutical companies including Johnson&Johnson. With 40+ preclinical TCR-T assets, Anocca’s expanding portfolio covers various cancer types. They operate a 5,000 m2 cell therapy manufacturing facility. Anocca holds a IP portfolio with 18 granted patents worldwide and funding exceeding $125 million.



ATLANT3D  Deeptech

Atlant 3D is a deep-tech company that is changing manufacturing with its atomic layer technology platform. By enabling faster development and manufacturing of advanced materials and emerging technologies, Atlant 3D addresses industries such as electronics, optics/photonics, and advanced materials. Their precision manufacturing of micro- and nanodevices reduces limitations like long qualification cycles and cleanroom requirements. The company has received a 10 million Euro EU project. The company has NASA as a customer and has secured the largest Series A funding round in Denmark’s non-life sciences and software sectors.



Blixt Tech  | Energy

BL!XT provides software-controllable technology to switch, store and convert currents and voltages, faster, greener and more efficient. The current product range consists of solid state circuit breakers (SSCB) and dynamic battery energy storage systems. BLIXT solutions can serve global markets and multiple application areas aiming to become an integrated part of the tomorrows dynamic electrical infrastructure for industries, e-mobility, grid, buildings and more. The company has received multiple awards, such as the SET Awards, Cleantech Group 50-to-Watch and Innission innovation award.



Centiglobe  | Fintech

Centiglobe specializes in DLT cross-border payment solutions by modernizing and transforming payments, resulting in instant secure transfer of value and data for banks, payment institutes and companies. Their payment transactions platform creates transparency in payments, enables financial flows, reduces counterparty risk, cost of capital and operating cost to compete more effectively. They aim to be the link between traditional and tokenized assets payment rails, combining the assurance provided by a regulatory framework and the new transformational DLT technology. This enables companies and financial institutions to implement real-time payments, like a Swish for companies and banks worldwide globally. Currently Centiglobe can offer real-time transactions between Europe, the Nordics, Latam and India. 



Charge Amps  | Cleantech

Charge Amps is a provider of sustainable charging solutions for electric vehicles (EVs). Founded in Stockholm, Sweden, Charge Amps has quickly grown and expanded internationally. Their charging products including Charge Amps Halo and the Charge Amps Aura, a two-socket charging station, are used in residential, commercial, and public locations. The company has more than 120 employees and sales in 15 markets.



CheckProof  |  Regtech

CheckProof has developed a digital platform to increase safety and compliance within heavy industries. By providing frontline workers with a digital tool, CheckProof enables streamlined maintenance, production, and HSEQ workflows. Real-time communication and reporting capabilities which enable proactive management and timely interventions, resulting in improved operational efficiency and risk reduction. Their results include reducing maintenance costs by approximately EUR 1/ton and cutting engine idling by 25%, resulting in lower CO2 emissions and cost savings. CheckProof has customers across various sectors, including NCC, Skanska, Preem, Gevalia, Swerock and Granitor among others.



Drupps  | Energy

Drupps has developed a technology for efficient capturing and transformation of moisture into water. By recycling airborne wastewater from industrial outlets and producing additional atmospheric water, Drupps reduces industries water footprints and mitigates the risks associated with water scarcity. Drupps patented technology can reduce net water withdrawal by up to 35% and increase water efficiency by 50%.



Econans  |  Fintech

Econans is a climate tech company driving the energy transition of buildings through data, analytics, and simulation. With a majority of Swedish houses lacking an EPC rating, Econans aims to provide the right tools for house owners to decrease their carbon footprint and costs. They collaborate with banks to offer personalized insights and return on investment for various energy efficiency improvements. By gathering and analyzing crucial data from different sources, Econans enables banks to accurately assess their mortgage stock, make informed decisions, and report in alignment with the EU-taxonomy.



FLOX Robotics | Agritech/Climatetech

Floxrobotics is an agritech company specializing in autonomous solutions for human-wildlife conflicts and the protection of natural resources. By combining wildlife identification AI, flight management and ultrasound-repellent systems, they have developed an end-to-end autonomous system that help farmers reduce food loss using AI/CV technology and drones. Their solution can also be used to preven wildlife collisions with vehicles. The company has several key contracts and collaborations including Trafikverket in Sweden as well as customers in Europe and the US. 



Freedrum Studio |  Musictech/Edtech

Freedrum innovates drumming education with its subscription platform. Integrating software and hardware, it overcomes space, noise, and cost limitations of traditional drumming. “Freedrum Studio” provides accessible and affordable drumming lessons, compatible with any electronic drum kit or Freedrum’s own motion-sensitive drumsticks. With the rising trend of digital learning, Freedrum taps into a growing market. Its threefold business includes software subscriptions, hardware drumsticks, and patented 3D positioning technology. 



Hormona | Healthtech/Femtech

Hormona is the world’s first instant in-home hormone test, providing rapid lab-grade results from the comfort of your home. With weekly monitoring of key hormones, Hormona detects changes and imbalances quickly, offering women the ultimate hormone diagnosis and monitoring solution. Traditional blood tests are impractical as hormones fluctuate constantly. Hormona’s innovative technology and smartphone app enable convenient testing. Over 80% of women experience hormone imbalance, impacting their everyday health and fertility. 



IPercept Technology |   SaaS/Industrial

IPercept operates within the industrial machine industry with advanced AI services that monitor machine health and utilization. Their Smart IoT Device offers plug-and-play installation without accessing controllers or IT infrastructure. Through their sensor technology and proprietary algorithms, IPercept provides scalable decision support and has gained traction securing commercial customers, forming partnerships with industry leaders, and targeting the fast-growing Industry 4.0 market. IPercept’s customers include Scania, Volvo, Toyota and Epiroc. 


Klimato logo 2023

Klimato  | Foodtech

Klimato has developed an online tool to reduce the climate impact of food by calculating and communicating carbon footprint information, enacling chefs and restaurant guests to make climate-friendly choices. During 2022  Klimato helped its customers achieve an average 23% reduction in their carbon footprint. Klimato supported the COP26 event in Glasgow and has recently expanded its operations outside of the Nordics to include UK. 



MediTuner  | Medtech

Medituner provides digital asthma care, enabling patients to monitor their condition at home and receive personalized medication instructions. By adhering to international guidelines, their product AstmaTuner in combination with their app enables self-management and allows healthcare providers to digitally track patients’ progress, reducing the need for in-person consultations. With regulatory approvals, partnerships with industry leaders like AstraZeneca, and international recognition, Medituner helps asthma patients worldwide while optimizing healthcare resources and minimizing environmental impact. 



Meva Energy  |  Energy

Meva Energy is a company providing renewable biosyngas and biochar production systems from local waste or biomass streams. Their cost-effective process replaces fossil gas in manufacturing industries, while the biochar acts as active carbon and a carbon sink, reducing CO2 levels.  The company has several strategic partnerships with the likes of IKEA, the Swedish Energy Agency and InnoEnergy, and has received a significant investment from global impact investor Just Climate. The commissioning of the Sofidel plant in 2023 marks a major achievement in their journey. 



Mimbly  |  Cleantech

Mimbly is a cleantech company addressing water waste and micro pollution. Their product the Mimbox is an add-on device that enables professional laundry machines to save up to 70% of water without altering the quality of the washed fabrics and prevents microplastic pollution by capturing and removing microplastic fibers with its filtration system. Since the launch in late 2022 Mimbly has acquired more than +30 clients internationally. The company has received several awards for its patented technology including first prize in the International Green Challenge competition. 


nomono wordmark_black

Nomono  |  Audiotech

Nomono is a Norwegian-based audiotech company that produces tools and equipment to help audio podcasters and journalists create high quality productions. Recently, Nomono won the 2023 Innovation Award at South By Southwest in the Audio category. The company has recently released Nomono Cloud, an AI-powered audio enhancement tool. 



NORNORM  |  Proptech

NORNORM offers a Furniture-as-a-Service model for circular and practical office furniture solutions that require no upfront investment or long-term commitments giving flexibility and cost efficiency. Their subscription-based model helps its customers significantly reduce their environmental impact by moving to a circular model that extends the lifecycle of office furniture by 3x. NORNORM has sold over 250,000 square meters of office furniture subscriptions to customers such as Netflix, BCG and Volvo. 



Onego Bio  |  Foodtech

Onego Bio is a Finnish foodtech company specializing in animal-free egg proteins produced through precision fermentation. Their technology, developed at the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland in 2015, enables the production of animal-free egg white protein. Their product, Bioalbumen®, offers the same functionality and nutrition as traditional eggs without the environmental, ethical, and safety concerns. Recognized for their innovation, Onego Bio has received numerous awards, including Fast Company’s World Changing Ideas recognition. 



Period Pack  |  Femtech/Healthtech

Period Pack has developed a solution to increase menstrual product accessibility in workplaces and schools. They provide easy-to-use dispensers for free menstrual products, addressing the lack of public access and the taboo surrounding menstruation. Since starting as a school project in 2019, they have sold more than 4,000 containers and established collaborations with prominent organizations. 



Preglife  |  Femtech

Preglife is a pregnancy app that provides relevant information for expecting mothers and acts as an intermediary platform for pregnancy and child insurances. With a focus on safety, Preglife offers weekly updates tailored to each stage of pregnancy. Preglife has expanded across multiple countries since its launch in 2010 and has gained recognition, including being named the best pregnancy app by Forbes in 2023. 


Sesamy_lockup_black_RGB (1)

Sesamy  |  Mediatech

Sesamy is a mediatech company founded in 2020, providing digital content monetization solutions. Their software includes a B2C payment plug-in for content access and a B2B solution for monetization management. Their platform includes features, such as real-time price recommendations and analytics enable businesses to optimize conversions. Amongst their clients are News outlets, magazines and podcasts. 



Signicat  |  Regtech

Signicat is a leading provider of digital identity solutions, helping businesses securely onboard, authenticate, and engage customers. Their suite of identity verification products ensures compliance, reduces fraud, and enhances digital experiences. Signicat has more than 900 global institutions amongst its customers, Signicat enables remote onboarding, electronic signing, and secure access to digital services.


Starmony (kopia)

Starmony  |  Musictech

Starmony, is a music-tech company that enables its users to create, release, and monetize high-quality music at a low cost. A platform that allows everyone, everywhere, to create a whole song just by using their voice and a smartphone. By combining AI technology with human interaction, Starmony builds a dynamic music catalog from user- and tech-generated content, sharing revenues with all involved creators. With 140,000 users across 160+ countries and a growing community of artists and producers, Starmony’s mission is to enable artists and producers, all over the world, to create and release music without any gatekeeping. 



Storekey  | Retailtech

Storekey has developed a platform for autonomous stores. Their solutions for complete store digitization lowers the barriers to entry, minimizes friction in the purchasing process and increases flexible opening hours independent of manpower. This enables retail businesses to open and operate unmanned and cashierless retail stores in the countryside for the local community as well as city-wide retail chains. Storekey’s software as a service (SaaS) solution is used by retailers like Tempo, Skistar, Interflora, and OKQ8 amongst others. 



Swegreen | Foodtech/Agtech

Swegreen, based in Stockholm, is a vertical farming company. They offer automated AI-driven farming solutions in a service model called Farming as a Service (FaaS). Swegreen enables retail chains, supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, and real-estate owners to produce high-quality, sustainable, and on-site fresh salads, herbs, and spices. With their seed-to-harvest technology, Swegreen. Currently the company has partnerships with major Swedish retailers such as ICA which houses Swegreen in multiple national stores around the country. 



Tendium  | Govtech

Tendium has developed an AI-powered SaaS platform that centralizes tender data and uses digitalisation and automation to modernize the entire tendering process from end to end. By simplifying the process, Tendium enhances the efficiency, fairness, and accessibility of public tenders thus helping companies to save time and improve success rates. Tendium has grown its revenue by 300% each year since 2019 and has acquired large clients such as Bravida and Adecco Group amongst others. 



Vidde Snow Mobility  |  Mobility

Vidde has introduced one of the first circular and electric snowmobiles. With traditional snowmobiles contributing significantly to transport emissions Vidde will introduce a circular business model that focuses on sustainability in production as well as increasing usage and finally having a plan for recycling materials and components when that day comes. Vidde has received orders from Swedish winter industry giant Skistar and partnered up with one of the leading companies within renewable energy, Skellefteå Kraft. 


volumental_logo_high_res (1)

Volumental  |  Retailtech

Volumental is a Swedish software company that utilizes 3D foot scans, retail purchase data, and AI to provide shoe recommendations to millions of shoppers. Their hardware and software products power in-store and mobile scanning, footwear suggestions, and digital marketing tools for both brick-and-mortar and online retailers. Their solutions enable sales associates to match customers with perfectly fitting shoes, while their online platform allows customers to find the right shoe size through 3D scanning directly on retailer websites. Volumental has grown significantly, serving over 100 customers worldwide and scanning more than 40 million feet. Their customers include XXL, Under Armour, New Balance and ECCO.