Code of Conduct

The Tech Arena  is committed to providing a safe and inclusive environment for all attendees. We expect all participants, including attendees, speakers, sponsors, and volunteers, to adhere to the following code of conduct:

Respect and Inclusivity:

    • Treat all individuals with respect and consideration, regardless of their background, experience, or position.
    • Embrace and celebrate diversity and inclusion, and refrain from any form of discrimination, harassment, or bullying.


    • Maintain a professional and courteous demeanor during all interactions at the event.
    • Refrain from engaging in disruptive or offensive behavior that may hinder the event experience for others.

Safety and Security:

    • Report any concerning or unsafe behavior to event organizers or venue staff immediately.
    • Adhere to all event security and safety protocols provided by the organizers and venue.

Compliance with Laws and Regulations:

    • Comply with all applicable laws, regulations, and policies governing the event, including those related to intellectual property rights and data privacy.

Responsible Use of Technology:

    • Use event technology and communication platforms responsibly and in a manner that respects the rights and privacy of others.

Adherence to Event Guidelines:

    • Follow event guidelines and instructions provided by organizers, including those related to sessions, sessions, and participation.

Failure to adhere to this code of conduct may result in consequences, including expulsion from the event without refund.

By participating in The Tech Arena, you agree to abide by this code of conduct and uphold the values of respect, inclusivity, and professionalism throughout the event.