Finalists 2021

The winners – Final 1

Startup Company of the Year: PlasticFri

Growth Company of the Year: Platform24

Business Award: Skyqraft

Final 2

Industrial Award: Ferroamp
Social Impact Award: Quizrr
AI & Technical Edge Award: ClimateView
Audience Award: Adverty


Aarke   |  E-commerce

Designs and manufactures premium products in the kitchen products segment. The company has a strong focus on combining sustainable quality with unique design. Their first product, the carbonation machine Carbonator, has been bought by consumers in 30 countries and the company sells its carbonation machines via well-known retailers in several countries, but also via its own e-commerce. The company was founded in 2013 by two industrial designers, Carl Ljungh and Jonas Groth, and sales exceeded SEK 200 million in 2020.


Adverty   |  Adtech

A publicly traded technology company that brings brands and people together through a proprietary display advertising technology built for games and applications, primarily in VR and AR. The platform allows creators and developers to monetize the gaming experience with automated ads integrated into the game. The company can then measure how the player perceived the ad and the customer only pays when their ad has been shown. The company has offices in Stockholm, London, New York, Madrid, Helsinki, St Petersburg and Lviv.


Annotell   |  Software

Provides a platform to easily create high-quality training data for self-driving vehicles. This happens via a more manual variant of machine learning called annotation. Annotell’s software streamlines the process of producing large amounts of training data that is also consistent. These include algorithms that can follow objects on the camera images from the vehicle, which means that not every frame in a sequence has to be annotated manually. Has quickly become one of the leading players in the market with customers such as Zenuity in the automotive industry. The company was founded in 2018 in Gothenburg.


Azelio AB   |  Cleantech

Cleantech company with solutions for energy storage of renewable energy from solar, wind and hydropower. The product TES.POD is based on technology from so-called thermal energy and the more than 200-year-old invention the Stirling engine. In 2021, they were awarded by the Solar Impulse Foundation and took in close to SEK 600 million for continued growth. The goal is to start series production of TES.POD in the factory in Åmål during the end of 2021. Currently has commercial agreements in place in the Middle East, among other things.


Bintel   |   Cleantech

Cleantech companies that develop platforms and services to digitize companies and organizations’ waste management. By connecting waste bins and then monitoring and analyzing their status, they help optimize the sorting, collection and management of waste. The concept is based on a combination of AI, sensor technology and data transmission. Was founded in 2018 in Lund and in 2021 has approximately 8,500 sensors out with customers. The primary market is in Sweden, but there are also smaller installations in Denmark, Finland and Italy.


BioReperia AB   |   Medtech

A contract research company, CRO, which helps pharmaceutical companies to select the best and most suitable drug candidate in oncology through its platform in just a few days to speed up preclinical development. The product is unique on the market and is already established globally for preclinical drug development with both small and large pharmaceutical companies as well as academic customers in the USA, the Nordics, Europe, Israel and South Korea. Has doubled its sales every year since 2018. The company is also developing a solution in precision medicine that should be able to identify which cancer treatment is most effective on an individual level. By testing drugs against the individual’s tumor cells, the right treatment can be started much faster and increase the chances of survival.


C-Green Technology   |  Cleantech

Greentech company that developed a complete solution to convert large amounts of sludge into biochar. The process is based on hydrothermal carbonization (HTC), which basically copies nature’s way of breaking down complex organic compounds into carbon, but takes a few hours instead of millions of years. Received SEK 40 million in grants from the Swedish Energy Agency in 2021 and is currently testing the possibilities of building the world’s first sludge-free treatment plant in Sweden. Founded in 2014 with base in Solna.


Cerebriu   |   Health Tech

A Danish healthtech company that develops systems for machine learning in medical image diagnostics. The company’s software solution Cerebriu Apollo reads MR images at the same time they are scanned and can quickly detect, or alternatively rule out, suspicions of serious conditions. If, for example, signs of a stroke or tumor are detected, a specialist doctor is called in to further review the findings made by the software. In this way, the time the patient needs to occupy the MR scanner is reduced and serious conditions can be detected more quickly and the right treatment instituted. In 2021, 14 hospitals use Cerebriu for validation of MR images.


Challengermode   |  E-gaming

Has developed a platform to be able to arrange competitions and tournaments in e-sports. Enables players and teams to participate in tournaments and championships in a variety of games hosted by third parties. Examples of games in the platform are League of Legends, Counter Strike, Dota 2 and FIFA. Has collaboration with the computer game festival Dreamhack and is backed by, among others, Chinese Alibaba, Telia and the soccer player Zlatan Ibrahimovic. In early 2021, the platform was launched in the United States.


ClimateView  |  Sustainability Tech / GovtTech

Offers a digital platform – ClimateOS – where cities can monitor and adapt their climate work. The platform combines scientific modeling, machine learning and interface design to help cities define and implement successful climate transitions faster. Founded in 2018 and now has over 30 cities and regions in Europe and Canada connected to it. Selected in 2021 as one of the world’s most innovative companies in the American magazine Fast Company.


CodeScene AB   |   Infotech / Data Analytics

SaaS company that developed a tool for predictive code analysis. Aimed at software developers who, via the tool, receive information about strengths and risks in their code, technical liability and likely business impact. Unlike similar services, CodeScene takes into account the entire code history of the software, not just a snapshot of the current code. Founded in 2015 and today has customers all over the world. Among other things, global companies such as Sky, Philips and Tencent.


CorPower Ocean   |  Cleantech 

Cleantech company that develops technology in wave energy. Wave energy is considered an important piece of the puzzle in the transition to a renewable energy system and is a consistent and predictable source of energy that can fill in the holes where solar and wind power are unable to, and thus take on a role that nuclear power previously had. The technology offers the opportunity to generate large amounts of energy at low costs, and today several leading energy companies in Europe work with CorPower’s technology. The company has raised more than approximately EUR 60 million in capital and is backed by, among others, the European Commission, the Swedish Energy Agency and SEB Greentech VC. Founded in 2010 with headquarters in Stockholm and operations in Norway, Scotland and Portugal


Deedster   |  Sustainability Tech

Deedster wants to stop consumption’s negative impact on the climate through an app, good pedagogy, so-called nudging and microtasks. In the app, the user can test their climate footprint and the result is then linked to easily accessible suggestions for lifestyle changes and how these would reduce the individual impact on the environment. Since the start in 2016, they have helped more than 140 companies in 20 countries engage their customers and employees to live more sustainably. One example is the Retursmart service, in collaboration with the payment service company Qliro, where they reach 2.5 million consumers who can see what impact their returns from e-commerce have on the climate. Appointed 2020 as the best site within sustainability in Sweden by the news site IDG.


Doconomy   | Sustainability Tech

Impacttech company founded in 2018 that develops digital tools and services to increase understanding of consumption’s climate impact. Doconomy’s main service, the DO mobile banking app, manages savings and promotes sustainable consumption. Through the collaboration with the UN agency UNFCCC, the company also develops new tools. An example is the 2030 Calculator, which calculates individual products’ carbon dioxide emissions. Today reaches over 90 million consumers through its partnerships with Mastercard and Klarna.


Dugga AB   |  Edtech

Edtech company founded in research projects at several Swedish universities and colleges. Offers a platform for digital tests and exams that can, among other things, automate the correction and grading process, which reduces teachers’ workload by up to 95 percent. The platform also has various types of built-in security functions such as plagiarism control and writing pattern recognition. Has grown rapidly in a short time and is used today in schools in 120 countries worldwide. Raised SEK 46 million in 2021 to continue global expansion. Partner with Microsoft and was named the 2020 winner of the Microsoft Global Partner of the Year Award in Education.


Ekobot   |  Cleantech

Tech company focused on the agricultural industry. Among other things, has developed a robot that, with the help of modern camera sensors and AI, clears away weeds in onion and vegetable cultivation. The machines are leased to the customer for a longer period of time and in addition to the main business, technical support and installation are also offered. The largest activity is found within the Nordic market. Founded in 2017 and listed on First North since 2021.


Elonroad   |   Cleantech / e-Mobility

Develops a high-tech electric road concept that can charge all types of vehicles, both when they are parked as well as on the move. The concept includes a conductive rail that lies on the road and a pantograph placed under the car that connects to the electrical rail via physical contact. The rail is only active when covered by a vehicle, making it safe in urban environments. The electricity used can come from renewable sources such as solar, wind and hydropower. Electric roads extend the range, reduce the need for heavy batteries and eliminate the need for downtime to recharge the batteries. The electrified road can deliver up to 300 kW of charging with 97% efficiency while driving. Every kilometer driven gives three extra kilometers in range. The company has built a test section in Lund in collaboration with the Swedish Transport Agency and has also started various pilot tests with DHL and Bring.


Epiluvac AB   Industry / OEM

Epiluvac sells self-developed so-called CVD reactors for research and to industrial customers who produce semiconductor materials. The company has, among other things, a double reactor with larger discs that provides an incredibly even temperature in the process, which gives higher quality and means that the semiconductor manufacturers ultimately get better profitability. This is a unique solution on the market. The company has customers in Asia, the EU and the USA.


Ferroamp Elektronik  |  Cleantech / Sustaintech 

Develops and manufactures energy and power optimization solutions for properties that enable increased electricity use despite power shortages through phase balancing and battery storage. The scalable and modular system is based on a hub that collects data from other components to optimize the energy flow between solar panels, energy storage and the grid, using advanced algorithms. The company has several patents, is listed on the First North Growth Market and currently sells its products in Sweden, Norway, Finland, the Netherlands and Germany.


Findity   |   Fintech

Fintech company that develops digital services for the management of expenses and travel bills. The company delivers its services as a white label solution to accounting agencies, issuers of company cards and providers of financial systems, who then offer these to their customers. Among the customers are large international customers as well as the largest players in Sweden such as Fortnox, Visma and BDO. Today, over 20,000 companies use Findity’s outlay services. Founded in 2011 with headquarters in Ludvika, Dalarna.


Forecast    |    Software

Has developed an AI-driven project management software that creates visibility and predictability in projects. The goal is to increase collaboration between different teams in companies with a better workflow and increased efficiency. The software integrates with existing tools – such as Trello, Slack, Gdrive, Githum and Salesforce – and uses these various external data points as key indicators of how well a project is running. Currently has hundreds of customers in more than 40 countries. The company recently closed its A round of approximately SEK 150 million, which was led by renowned Balderton Capital.


Gimi   |   Fintech & Edtech

Fintech company that wants to educate children and young people in personal finance and saving. Gimi’s app contains interactive lessons and hands-on practice in managing money. In the app, children connect with their parents and receive the weekly allowance digitally. The company also provides a prepaid Mastercard and children and parents can get statistics on the children’s purchasing behavior and evaluate the purchases as flip or flop. Has grown rapidly since the start in 2015 and today has over 400,000 users in Sweden.


GRAFREN   |   Nanotech / Advanced Material

Has developed a technology to produce the next generation of e-textiles, i.e. textiles with electrical conductivity. The technology is based on a patented process to produce the nanomaterial graphene, the most high-strength material ever tested. The material is then integrated into textiles that enable several different functions. For example, picking up external signals from the body, being the sensor for movements that are transferred to mechanical force. E-textile enables a number of completely new products in healthcare, sports, defense and the space industry. In April 2021, the company got its first paying customer and currently has 11 paid projects with various actors.


Heja  |  Social platform

A vertical social network for global children and youth sports. Through the company’s app, team managers, players and parents can more easily communicate with each other and plan and administer the business. The app is free to use but has a premium feature that can be purchased. Heja has quickly grown into one of the biggest players in the industry and has attracted over 140,000 teams in over 50 countries, with the USA, UK, Australia and New Zealand being the biggest markets.


Hem  |  Furniture / E-commerce

Online retailer of furniture and home furnishings. The products are developed in collaboration with well-known designers and manufacturers around Europe and focus on sustainability, quality and design. The company sells directly to consumers and businesses in North America and Europe via its e-commerce and has grown rapidly in a traditional industry. The company has more than doubled its turnover every year and its customers include Google, AirBnB, Nike, Marriott and more. Founded in 2016 with base in Stockholm.


Hooked Foods  |  Foodtech

Foodtech company that develops plant-based substitutes for fish and shellfish. Their first product is a vegan substitute for tuna, called Toonish, which consists of soybeans, sunflower oil and algae. Available as an alternative at restaurant chains such as Hawaii Poké and Kaiso, and during the autumn the company’s products will also be available in grocery stores. Want to reduce global overfishing and the subsequent CO2 footprint from this. Founded in 2019 and has offices in Stockholm and Gothenburg. Manufacturing takes place in Holland.


Meds   |  E-commerce

An online pharmacy that sells prescription and over-the-counter medicines with permission from the Swedish Medicines Agency. MEDS has no physical stores but has developed a process for quick deliveries from warehouse to customer. The company was founded in 2018 and today has over 130 employees based in Stockholm. With a growth of approximately 160 percent in 2020 and a turnover of SEK 222 million. Appointed in 2021 as e-commerce of the year by the PriceRunner site.


Minesto   |   Cleantech

Is a listed cleantech company that develops solutions to extract marine energy. Founded in 2007 as a spin-off from aircraft manufacturing at Saab, it has since developed the patented Deep Green technology, a turbine with wings that can be compared to a flying kite that converts ocean currents into energy. The company operates in Sweden, Wales, Northern Ireland and Taiwan, with headquarters in Gothenburg. Has since 2021 a collaboration with the global electricity group Schneider Electric.


Mobility46 AB  |  Proptech / e-Mobility

Mobility46 is a SaaS company that has developed a digital business system for parking management for property owners and municipalities. The system automates the administration, increases the operating net and makes it possible to service parking spaces with, for example, integrated electric car charging. The company was the first in the Nordics to launch a complete business system for combined management of parking and electric car charging. Today, they have several of Sweden’s largest real estate companies as customers and are growing in the Nordic region.


Modvion   |   Cleantech

Cleantech company that has a patented technology to manufacture modular wind turbines made of recyclable and high-tech wood material that simplifies logistics and construction. The process also lowers carbon dioxide emissions compared to the manufacture of wind turbines in steel. In 2020, Modvion’s first tower, which is 30 meters high, was erected outside Gothenburg where the company has its base, but the goal is to start production of full-sized towers of 120 meters within a few years. Granted last year SEK 69 million in funding from the EU program EIC Accelerator.


MTEK Industry   |  Manufacturing Software

Develops software solutions for industrial companies that manufacture and assemble technical components and products. MTEK’s software Mbrain enables the user to control and streamline production, drive improvement work and follow sustainability data. The company’s solution is primarily aimed at small to medium-sized industrial companies in the Nordics and the USA with a turnover of SEK 1-25 million, but also has installations in South America and Asia. Founded in 2015 and headquartered in Alfta in Hälsingland. MTEK has received over 70 million in investments to lead its global expansion.


MyPick   |  Medtech

The first digital service of its kind that brings together healthcare personnel and caregivers with the intention of facilitating and creating a direct contact, without a staffing company as an intermediary. The healthcare staffing industry market was valued at USD 33.5 billion in 2020 and is expected to reach USD 48.6 billion by 2027. With MyPick, healthcare providers will cut costs, healthcare professionals will have the opportunity to increase their compensation, while saving tax dollars. Among the players who have joined, Capio and Lideta stand out, which together make up 2 of the 3 largest players in Swedish primary care. The company plans to go to new markets, among other things, with existing customers who are already in many other countries.


PlasticFri   |   Greentech

Develops plastic-free premium products aimed at companies and organizations that want to minimize their CO2 footprint. The product range consists of everything from advertising, shopping and garbage bags to paper cups and envelopes. The products are 100 percent recyclable and made from primarily agricultural waste and non-edible plants. Awarded at the World Future Energy Summit as one of the world’s most innovative and sustainable startups among 1,400 companies.


Platform24   |   Healthtech

Develops system support for cohesive, accessible and secure digital care chains. The company’s system is today the largest in the Nordic region and customers include regions, private healthcare providers and insurance companies. Through the platform, care providers can integrate all steps in the care chain and thereby streamline and improve the patient’s care journey, from initial needs assessment to care meeting, referrals and return visits. At the same time, the administrative burden on the healthcare staff is reduced. Platform24 is owned by Investor, Apoteket AB, Stena Sessan and Ernström & Co and works closely with the digital healthcare provider Doktor24, which is part of the same concern.


Porkchop   |   Spacetech

Space-tech company that developed a compact propulsion system for nanosatellites, satellites small enough to fit in the hand. The system, called porkchop X, is integrated with the rest of the technology in a nanosatellite and contains its own propellant, engine, control system and electronics. Among other things, Porkchop’s system should be able to be used to extend the life of a satellite, help the satellite avoid collisions with space debris and other satellites, to change orbit during the mission and to reorbit at the end of its life. Currently being rigorously tested after being launched with nanosatellites in connection with Elon Musk’s SpaceX venture.


Quizrr  |  Edtech / Social Sustainability

Edtech company that developed a digital training platform for factory personnel around the world. The training is based on recorded short films depicting various scenarios. Each film is followed by a number of questions that the user can answer individually or in a group. It can be about labor law, rules and laws, obligations or salary setting. The training is aimed at everything from employees to middle managers and management level. Since its inception in 2012, a quarter of a million workers have been trained at 500 factories. Customers include HM, Electrolux and HP.


Reorbit   |  Spacetech

Spacetech company founded in 2019 in Helsinki, Finland. Develops a software platform to make modular and reusable satellites, but also to connect several space vehicles to one and the same network. The company’s vision is to shift from the traditional mindset where satellites are manufactured for one-time use to making space sustainable and driving the development of a circular space economy.


Resolution Games    |   AR / VR

Is a gaming studio focused on VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality). Has released 14 games since the start and won several awards. The company has also released one of the fastest selling titles in its category. Among the investors are, among others, Google Ventures, Creandum, Bonnier Ventures and GP Bullhound.


RGNT Motorcycles   |   Automotive

Manufactures electric, silent and connected motorcycles. The fact that the vehicles are connected means that, among other things, they can immediately raise the alarm in the event of an accident. The company started in 2019 and has built up a production facility in Kungsbacka in a short time. There, the entire bike is made from scratch before it is sent to the market. RGNT sold close to 400 units in 2020 and expects to roll out a few thousand more in 2022.


Rscued   |   Foodtech

Rscued works to reduce food waste by making juice, smoothies, chips and ice cream from fruit and vegetables that would otherwise have been thrown away. Every year, 30 percent of everything grown in the world is thrown away, and last year the company saved 388 tons that would otherwise have gone to waste. The company is unique in its flexibility and can adjust and adapt production to the raw materials that come in at the moment. Since the start, they have almost doubled their turnover every year and also managed to increase their sales in 2020 despite corona. Available today in grocery stores, cafes, hotels and restaurants in Sweden and Denmark.


Scrive AB   |  Business Software

Offers digital products for electronic signature solutions. Since its inception in 2010, the company has had an annual growth of over 100 percent and is the market leader in the Nordics within the segment. The company’s solution enables companies to reduce their administrative costs and at the same time speeds up employment and contract processes. Today has close to 200 employees and 5,000 customers in over 40 countries.


Skyqraft   |   Energy

Offers automatic drone inspections of power lines. The company has developed a software for image analysis based on AI. Through the image data uploaded from drones, Skyqraft can use its platform to analyze power lines in a smarter, safer and more sustainable way. It reduces the risks of people getting injured during manual inspections and also reduces the climate footprint because the manual inspections are done via helicopter. In 2020, their drones controlled approximately 2,000 kilometers of the Swedish electricity grid. In 2019, the founders won a competition announced by the Spanish electricity giant Iberdrola – which also owns power lines in the US – to protect electricity networks against storms.


Solvatten AB   |  Sustaintech

The Swedish invention Solvatten is a combined water purifier and water heater. With the help of the sun, 10 liters of water are heated and purified in special canisters – without chemical additives, electricity or advanced filters. The method is used in Uganda and Kenya on a larger scale and provides clean and hot water to people in refugee camps. Solvatten has donated thousands of cans to UNHCR and in 2021 the company announced that half a million people use the product. The company and founder Petra Wadström have received numerous prizes and awards, including the US Tech for Global Good award, the EU award for outstanding female innovators and the UN Momentum for Change award.


SomeBuddy   |  Online Safety

Digital legal service that protects people and communities against threats on social media and helps when problems arise online. Offers services aimed at influencers, parents and social media users to prevent and manage bullying, stalking, sexual harassment and hateful messages. Through an app, customers get access to safety guides, can report problem situations and receive solution suggestions and psychological support. Founded in Finland in 2017 by Suvi Uski, social media researcher, with the help of a team with expertise in law and social psychology. The company has been awarded multiple times and expects to protect 200,000 children in Finland by the end of the year.


Soundtrack Your Brand   |  Audio Tech / Music Tech

Musictech company with digital catalog for background music for companies. The user can make their own or edit existing playlists based on 51 million licensed songs. Playlists can also be created automatically via AI to suit the specific company. Started in 2013 as a joint venture with Spotify, and customers today include chains such as Joe & the Juice, W Hotels and Toni & Guy. Has since 2020 global agreements with the three major music companies – Warner, Sony and Universal.


TADA Medical AB   |   Medtech

Medtech company that developed the product ReLink, a connection system used in intravenous injection, IV, the most common invasive procedure in modern healthcare. The product prevents damage and waste of resources when the IV line comes loose, something that happens in about 10 percent of all treatments. The product is patented and CE marked, which enables sales on the European market. The company is backed, among other things, by the EU project Horizon 2020.


Tourn  |   Martech

Builds platforms and systems for influencers. The business idea is to make it easier for companies to get out in social media and to enable a more visible marketing of products and services. The company collaborates with many large Swedish influencers on the one hand and with some of the most famous e-commerce platforms and brands on the other. The company is built on several legs: One that matches companies with influencers, one that measures and reports before and after a collaboration is implemented and a financial system that helps influencers manage the finances. In addition, the company has the YouTube platform Nagato, which trains aspiring Youtubers. The company has in a short time managed to establish itself in several markets such as in South America and on its way into the USA, England and Germany.

Turbotic logo_tt_png

Turbotic AB   |  AI / Automation

Has developed the operating system Delphi OS. A system that helps companies become self-driving and accelerate the use of AI and Automation. The platform helps companies control, manage and measure a number of different technologies such as RPA, ML, Low-code, NLP, OCR and Blockchain in one and the same interface. Founded in August 2020 by Alexander Hannerland, former CEO of, and Theodore Bergqvist with a background as co-founder of Paradox Interactive and as head of Ericsson’s data analysis unit. In the short time, the company has taken in SEK 60 million in invested capital and has been accepted into Microsoft’s startup incubator.


Unloc   |   Proptech

Offers a comprehensive system for digital keys. Has developed a software platform where developers, through their APIs, can build their own solutions with digital keys. The platform supports a large number of electronic locks and makes it possible to share keys with users, edit sharing roles and get information about users and keys. The customers are private individuals, companies, property owners and tenancy and housing associations. Users can open doors with an app and can also temporarily share digital keys with, for example, handymen and delivery staff. Has agreements with some of the largest property owners in Norway and Sweden and has since the start in 2017 opened over 1 million doors in Norway.


whywaste   |   Foodtech

Foodtech company founded in 2013 that develops and sells digital services that help food stores to – with the help of intelligent technology – keep track of their products’ best-before dates. The goal is to take advantage of food and raw materials that are nearing expiration and thus reduce food waste. So far, the connected stores’ wastage has been reduced by 20-30 percent and the long-term ambition is to reach 60-70 percent. The customers consist of grocery stores within 30 chains in 15 countries. Among others Ica, Coop and Hemköp. But also European giants such as Carrefour and Spar.