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  • As Techarenan Group AB, a proud Swedish establishment orchestrating innovation-driven gatherings, we uphold the responsibility to manage personal details you share with us with the utmost care. Our commitment extends to delivering Techarenan Events and Digital Offerings, and within this domain, safeguarding user data stands as our primary objective. All our activities abide by pertinent regulations, primarily the General Data Protection Regulation (2016/679) (“GDPR”).

Our intention with these guidelines is to ensure you’re thoroughly informed about our data handling mechanisms, the type of information we gather, and the avenues available to you to exercise your rights. Occasionally, parts of the Techarenan platform may get licensed to external parties. In such instances, our role might transition between a data handler or a co-controller.

The term “Techarenan Digital Offerings” encompasses our main event at Friends Arena, associated virtual communities, and the suite of digital platforms under Techarenan’s purview. “Events”, within this document, denote the spectrum of virtual and in-person gatherings steered by Techarenan.

For any updates to this document, our official digital platforms will be the primary source of information.

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    • Registration Number: 556967-7981
    • Location: Regeringsgatan 111, 111 39 Stockholm
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  • Our engagement with users generates varied data sets. Primarily, these can be segmented into “Individual Profiles” and “System Interactions”. Furthermore, prospective team members might find their data processed during recruitment initiatives. Here’s a closer dive into each:

Individual Profiles:

This pertains to details you willingly share or those relayed by entities you represent. Typical instances include but aren’t limited to, event registrations, setting up profiles, or opting for newsletters. Transaction details such as ticket acquisitions also form part of this category.

For a smooth interaction with Techarenan Digital Offerings, we typically request:

Engagement Details:

  • Given name
  • Family name
  • Contact email
  • Secure passphrase
  • Preferences for promotional communications

Matchmaking Platform:

  • Profile photo, city, job role, company, contact number
  • Profile details: professional history, education, interests, and any voluntarily shared info
  • User engagement specifics, such as meeting details.
  • User-to-user chat records
  • Details for potential investors: name, contact details, professional information, historical and potential investments, sectors of interest, and impact metrics

Ticketing Platform:

  • Full name and communication details.
  • Transaction and payment specifics.
  • Ticket category and related details.
  • Professional affiliations.
  • Contact address.

Event Workshop Platform:

  • Identity details and email.
  • Professional designations.
  • Other workshop-specific details that might be sought during sign-up.

Volunteer Sign-up:

  • Full identity details.
  • Birthdate.
  • Gender (voluntary).
  • Academic and professional background, past volunteer engagements.
  • Future role preferences.


  • Identity and contact info
  • Event participation history
  • User preferences and profile data
  • Data is shared via the Matchmaking platform

Other Inputs:

  • Feedback, comments, or any other information voluntarily shared with us.

Interactive Community Feature:

  • Job role and affiliated organization.
  • Activity metrics, like event sign-ups.
  • User-to-user communication records.
  • Potential investor metrics: investment history, sectors of interest, impact assessments, and related data.

Organization-Linked Engagements:

  • In instances where our Customer Organizations acquire event passes, we may accumulate:
    • Organizational email addresses.
    • Details of the representative attendees and linked data.

Digital Engagement Metrics:

  • While we don’t often use these metrics to identify individual users, in some specific cases like tech support, identification may be possible. If these metrics are tied to personal information, they will be protected as such. During your interaction with our platforms, we may gather:
    • Browser specifics.
    • Device type and its unique ID.
    • Duration of your engagement with our platforms.
    • Paths you take within our platforms.
    • URLs from sites you navigated from or head to post interaction.
    • Timestamps of your visits.
    • IP details.
    • OS and the affiliated Internet service provider.

Cookie Policy:

  • Our platforms employ various tech tools, notably cookies, to accumulate and archive digital metrics.
    • Cookies are small files dispatched and saved onto your device that assist us in tailoring our services, enhancing user experiences, and understanding user engagement.
    • These files aid in user identification, streamline platform engagement, and generate holistic user metrics.
    • They help us refine our offerings by recalling user preferences like usernames, languages, and more. We also implement tracking and analytical cookies to discern the effectiveness of our platforms.
    • Users have the autonomy to disable cookies or get notifications when they’re activated. However deactivating cookies might hinder some platform functionalities.

Digital Analysis Tools:

  • We use tools, including Google Analytics, to assimilate digital metrics and generate reports that guide our platform optimization efforts. More details on Google Analytics can be accessed here. Users wishing to opt out of Google Analytics can employ this browser add-on tool.

Recruitment Protocols:

  • For those seeking to join our team, we process personal submissions such as applications and resumes. These are used exclusively for recruitment purposes.

Techarenan Group AB operates on distinct and transparent principles for user data handling. Here’s a comprehensive outline of our processing objectives:

Event Management & Techarenan Digital Services:

Your data ensures seamless event organization and service delivery. This includes overseeing online enrollments, ticketing and payment systems, ancillary event orchestration, and optimizing tools within our digital realm. We also engage with users for event-related updates and address any inquiries or concerns. The basis for this operation is the execution of a contract.

When a third-party event integrates within Techarenan’s ecosystem without redirecting users elsewhere, both entities share data responsibility. For clarifications, feel free to reach out.

Customization & Personalized Interaction:

Utilizing our digital tools allows us to curate a user-centric experience, suggesting the most pertinent content for you. This encompasses personalizing your feeds and sending tailored suggestions. Should you wish to opt-out or delete your profile, any associated data ceases to be used for these purposes. This processing stands on contract performance grounds.

User Outreach, Promotion & Growth:

Data aids in fortifying our user rapport, marketing Techarenan’s suite of offerings, and incubating new user relationships. This facilitates tailored experiences, offering events, professional openings, and relevant advertisements based on your engagement. The basis for this operation stems from Techarenan’s legitimate interests.

Digital Direct Outreach:

Electronic promotional campaigns primarily arise from Techarenan’s legitimate interests. Certain situations might necessitate user consent for such communications. Users retain the right to revoke such permissions either by direct communication or through account settings.

Legal Commitments & Duties:

We might process data to fulfill our legal obligations, like adhering to accounting standards or liaising with governmental entities. This can also mean sharing details with legal authorities when mandated. The underlying basis is our commitment to legal compliance.

Claims & Security Measures:

We might harness data to manage claims, pursue dues, or during legal situations. Preventing fraudulent activities or securing our digital infrastructure is paramount, with the processing grounded in Techarenan’s legitimate interests.

Quality Augmentation & Analytical Insights:

Data assists in refining our platforms, spotting trends, and iterating our services. It also underpins research efforts, with the provison that only aggregate, anonymous data sees the light of day. The core objective is to ensure the sustained excellence and relevance of our platforms, backed by Techarenan’s legitimate interests.

Any utilization of user data on the premise of our genuine interests is matched against the user’s privacy rights, ensuring a harmonious balance. Anonymized or pseudonymous data is our preference whenever feasible.



Techarenan Group AB retains your personal data only for a duration that aligns with legal guidelines and the objectives stated in this Privacy Policy. The specific storage timeframe will vary depending on the data type and its processing objectives.

For instance, details related to a user’s Techarenan account will be removed five years after the last interaction with that account. Data amassed for specific Services or Events will be either removed or anonymized three years after the event’s conclusion. However, certain data, either tied to the user account or Techarenan Services, might be preserved if mandated by law or if it serves a legitimate purpose like record-keeping, claim management, internal auditing or legal obligations. Techarenan Group AB conduct regular controls of all personal data to ensure that old and unnecessary data is deleted appropriately.


All users have certain rights in regard to their personal data processed by Techarenan Group AB. These rights are subject to limitations, exceptions, and prerequisites under applicable laws.

Right to Information & Access:

You have the right to request details of the personal data we hold about you and how we process it.

Right to Rectification:

You can ask us to correct inaccurate or incomplete personal data about you.

Right to Data Portability:

In some cases, you may request us to provide your personal data in a structured or transferrable format or transfer it directly to another company.

Right to Erasure:

You can ask for the deletion of your data, subject to certain prerequisites.

Right to Object or Limit Processing:

Under certain conditions, you have the right to object to the processing of your personal data or ask us to restrict processing. Note that this may limit the users account or the user’s experience and/or interaction with Techarenan services.

Right to Withdraw Consent:

If you have given your consent to any personal data processing, you have the right to withdraw it anytime, without affecting the lawfulness of processing based on consent before the withdrawal.

To exercise your rights or if you have questions regarding your rights, you can contact us using the details provided in section 2. Please note, to ensure data security, we might require additional verification before catering to your request.


At Techarenan Group AB, we are committed to ensuring the safety and security of your personal data. We employ a combination of technological and procedural measures to protect your data from unauthorized access, destruction, use, modification, or disclosure. This includes encryption, firewalls, secure software development practices, regular audits, access control systems and staff training. While we endeavor to protect your data, please note that no digital platform is completely immune to security threats.

Should there be a security breach that poses risks to user privacy, Techarenan commits to alerting affected users, relevant stakeholders, and the necessary legal bodies promptly in line with data protection regulations.


Users can prevent us from employing their data for direct marketing, profiling for marketing, or market research. This can be done by reaching out to the contact details provided earlier or by opting out through links in our marketing communications.


If users believe Techarenan’s data handling isn’t in sync with relevant data protection regulations, they can file a complaint with their local data protection watchdog. For Swedish residents, this is The Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection. Their contact details can be found at