Are you one of the most prominent startups or scale-ups in the Nordics?

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The entrepreneur competition for the Nordics' best startup and growth companies

Techarenan organizes an annual entrepreneurial competition that’s open to all Swedish and Nordic entrepreneur-led companies in the startup and growth phase.

The competition has been organized since 2014 and targets companies based on a unique innovation or business idea with the potential to be commercialized on the global market.

What you compete for

Final Package

All 25 finalists win an exclusive package that includes exhibition space at Techarenan in Almedalen, accommodation for the event days, tickets to the Tech Mingle, and marketing in Techarenan’s channels,, and more.


The winners of Techarenan Challenge get a exhibition spot at The Tech Arena 2025


  • Startup Company of the Year
  • Growth Company of the Year
  • Audience Award
  • Social Impact Award
  • Industrial Award
  • Business Award
The competition is open to all companies, regardless of company form, business area of phase. The company must:
  • Be entrepreneurial
  • Have a unique technology, concept or business idea.

The jury assesses the company and business idea based on:

  • Scalability
  • Uniqueness
  • Market potential
  • Global applicability
  • Competence within the team

Jury 2023


Rebecca Sjödin

Co-Founder Principal, Node Ventures


Finn Persson

Partner & Co Founder, Spintop Ventures


Katja Bergman

Founding Partner, Course Corrected VC

Noel Abdayem

Noel Abdayem

Founder, Humble Co/Investor
(Winner Techarenan 2019)

Winners of Techarenan Challenge


Startup Company of the Year – MediTuner

Growth Company of the Year – NORNORM

Public Choice Award – Vidde Snow Mobility

Social Impact Award – Hormona

Industrial Award – IPercept Technology

Business Award – AI Medical Technology


Startup Company of the Year – Multi4

Growth Company of the Year – Wayout

Audience Award – Zebrain

Social Impact Award – Myrspoven

Business Award – AirForestry

Industrial Award – STILRIDE


Startup Company of the Year – PlasticFri

Growth Company of the Year – Platform24

Audience Award – Adverty

Industrial Award – Ferroamp

Social Impact Award – Quizrr

Business Award – Skyqraft

AI & Technical edge award –ClimateView


Startup Company of the Year – Grace Health

Growth Company of the Year – Dynamic Code

Audience Award – Nectarine Heath

Industrial Award – Climeon

Social Impact Award – Grace Health

Business Award – Exeger

AI & Technical edge award – Sana Labs


Startup Company of the Year – Elypta

Growth Company of the Year- Too Good To Go

Audience Award – The Humble Co.

Industrial Award – Sentina Bay

Social Impact Award – TrusTrace


Startup Company of the Year – Kognity

Growth Company of the Year – Matsmart

Audience Award – PantaPåsen

Industrial Award – Swedish Algae Factory

Social Impact Award – Moving Floor


Startup Company of the Year – Sprinklebit

Growth Company of the Year – SaltX

Audience Award – Prindit

Industrial Award – SaltX

Social Impact Award – Coala Life


Startup Company of the Year – Cellink

Growth Company of the Year – Min Doktor

Audience Award – Cellink

Industrial Award – Cellink


Startup Company of the Year – Furhat Robotics

Growth Company of the Year – Visiba Group

All the Finalists & Companies of the Future


Är ni ett av Nordens främsta startup- eller tillväxbolag?

Anmälan till 2023 års tävling öppnar i April 2023, men ni kan redan nu lämna intresseanmälan till entreprenörstävlingen.


Tävlingen är öppen för alla bolag oavsett bolagsform, verksamhetsområde eller fas. Bolaget ska:

  • Vara entreprenörslett
  • Ha en unik teknologi/koncept/affärsidé


Juryn bedömer bolaget och affärsidén utifrån:

  • Skalbarhet
  • Unicitet
  • Marknadspotential
  • Global applicerbarhet
  • Kompetens inom teamet