26 April 2023

Waterfront Congress Centre, Stockholm

Thank you to all incredible entrepreneurs, our amazing partners, the fantastic speakers and brilliant attendees for sharing your knowledge, experiences and bringing such a great energy. You made Techarenan Summit 2023 exceed all of our expectations!

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Speakers at Summit

Romina Pourmokhtari

Minister for the Environment

Jessica Span

CEO, Volvo Car Sweden

Jenny Hermanson

Managing Director Nordics, Spotify

Mats Persson

Minister for Education

Darja Isaksson

Director General, Vinnova

Eric Quidenus-Wahlforss

Founder, SoundCloud & Dance

Stina Ehrensvärd

Co-Founder, Yubico

Björn Ivar Moen

CEO, Telenor Sweden

Maja Frankel

Secretary-General, Friends

Alexander Norén

Tech Correspondent, SVT

Jenny Rahm

CEO, Acast

Ann-Louise Lökholm Klasson

CEO, Sweco Sweden

Gulfem Toygar

CEO, Amazon Sweden

Kenneth Fredriksen

VP Europe, Huawei

Pedram Assadi

CEO Europe, Delivery Hero

Per Wallentin

CEO, Knowit

Roy van Krimpen

Director Nordics, Binance

Sergiy Tsivkach

CEO, UkraineInvest

Maria Rosendahl

Deputy Director General, Teknikföretagen

Ethan Tandowsky

CFO, Adyen

Jenny Keisu

CEO, X Shore

Jonatan Tullberg

CEO, GS1 Sweden

Arba Kokalari

Member of the European Parliament

Lars Sveder

Co-Founder, Monterro

Anders Fast

Managing Partner, Baker McKenzie

Isabella Löwengrip

Founder Löwengrip Beauty

Stefan Ytterborn

CEO and Founder, CAKE

Michael Broms

Vice President, Academic Work Group

Suvi Uski

CEO and Co-Founder, SomeBuddy

Carl-Johan Karlsson

Director, The Swedish Export Credit Agency

Fredrik Ehn

Chief Investment Officer, SPP

Linda Nyberg



Main Stage

09:30 Tech Giants Shaping our Future

  • Jenny Hermanson, Managing Director Nordics, Spotify
  • Kenneth Fredriksen, VP Europe, Huawei
  • Gulfem Toygar, CEO, Amazon Sweden
  • Ethan Tandowsky, CFO, Adyen

10:00 Leading Through Transformation

  • Bjørn Ivar Moen, CEO, Telenor Sweden
  • Arba Kokalari, Member of the European Parliament
  • Jenny Rahm, Managing Director Nordics, Acast
  • Michael Broms, Vice Group CEO, Academic Work

10:30 Recession, Climate Crisis and AI – The Art of Investing in Chaotic Times

  • Darja Isaksson, Director General, Vinnova
  • Fredrik Cassel, General Partner, Creandum
  • Fredrik Ehn, Chief Investment Officer, SPP
  • Lars Sveder, Co-Founder, Monterro

11:30 Attracting the Sustainable Consumer

  • Jonatan Tullberg, CEO, GS1 Sweden
  • Isabella Löwengrip, Founder, Löwengrip Beauty
  • Stefan Ytterborn, CEO and Founder, CAKE
  • Jenny Larsson, CEO, Schneider Electric Sweden

12:00 Building a strong foundation – academia, business, and our most important generation

  • Mats Persson, Minister for Education
  • Ann-Louise Lökholm-Klasson, CEO, Sweco Sweden
  • Anders Söderholm, President, KTH, The Royal Institute of Technology
  • Maja Frankel, Secretary-General, Friends

13:30 Industries Leading the Road to Zero

  • Romina Pourmokhtari, Minister for the Environment, Sweden
  • Jessica Span, CEO, Volvo Car Sweden
  • Per Wallentin, CEO, Knowit
  • Maria Rosendahl, Deputy Director General, Teknikföretagen

14:00 From Sweden to Silicon Valley – Global Trends Affecting the Tech Industry

  • Alexander Norén, Tech Correspondent, SVT
  • Stina Ehrensvärd, Co-Founder, Yubico
  • Anders Fast, Managing Partner, Baker McKenzie
  • Carl-Johan Karlsson, Director, The Swedish Export Credit Agency

14.30 Thinking Big and Building Global – The Long Road to Success

  • Eric Quidenus-Wahlforss, Founder, SoundCloud/Dance
  • Roy van Krimpen, Director Nordics, Binance
  • Jenny Keisu, CEO, X Shore
  • Pedram Assadi, CEO Europe, Delivery Hero

Knowledge Stage

SESSION 1 – People & Growth

10.00 – Internationalisation: When, where and how to expand your B2B business abroad

  • Peter Larsson – Co-founder, Monterro
  • Erik Syrén – Managing Director, Monterro

10:25 – How to navigate today’s talent market

  • Markus Åberg, Head of Talent Advisory, Academic Work

10:50 – Global expansion, Inpats and expats – What to consider when growing internationally

  • Anna Svedman, Head of International Business, SPP
  • Oscar Isvén Backlund, Head of SME, SPP


SESSION 2 – Funding & Expansion

11:25 – Entering Exit Mode

  • Henric Roth, Partner, Baker McKenzie

11:50 – Market Outlook – Startups, Scaleups & Funding

  • Kim Larsson Nyheim, Head of Startup and Growth, Nordea
  • Maria Smith, Growth Banker, Nordea

12.15 – Market Outlook – Expanding outside of the US and Europe

  • Stefan Karlsson, Deputy Director, EKN


SESSION 3 – Product & Innovation

13:15 – Digital Product Passport – enabling the circular economy

  • Staffan Olsson, Head of Public Affairs, GS1

13:40 – Grow your business with 5G

  • Malina Borg Sigg, 5G Expert, Telenor

14:05 – How to work with Sustainable Tech to create a smaller carbon footprint

  • Ivan Ivarsson, Brand Strategist, Knowit
  • Magnus Österhult, Tech Strategist, Knowit

Founder's Stage

10::30 – 13:15, Pitches/Company Presentations

Pitches/Company presentations from some of the most promising startup and scaleup companies in the Nordics and Europe 

 See companies below.

13:15 – Founder Stories

1. Erik Gatenholm, Founder & CEO, BICO

BICO is a listed company that reached unicorn status five years after inception, providing life science solutions and lab automation to more than 65 countries worldwide.

2. Suvi Uski, Founder & CEO, SomeBuddy

SomeBuddy has developed a platform to improve communities’ digital wellbeing and safety in online environments. Used by schools, municipalities and professionals, today their solution protects more than 300.000 children and adults.

3. TBA

Tech Exhibition & Partner Exhibition


See the exhibiting Startup & Scaleup companies and  Partners below. 

Tech and Partner Exhibition

Rising Star companies at the Tech Exhibition

  • AirForestry
  • Alcyo (Ukraine)
  • Blue Frog Robotics (France)
  • CAKE
  • Competera (Ukraine)
  • Edgy Veggie
  • Epishine
  • IdealPore (Ukraine)
  • ihopa
  • Imagilabs
  • Hooked Foods
  • Katla Aero
  • ManoMotion
  • Monok
  • Moving Floor
  • MYoroface
  • Naki (Belgium)
  • Peafowl Plasmonics
  • PlasticFri
  • SmartEnds (Belgium)
  • Volia (Ukraine)
  • (Norway)
  • Worldish
  • Zebrain


  • Academic Work
  • Adyen
  • Baker McKenzie
  • EKN
  • Friends
  • GS1
  • Knowit
  • Monterro
  • Nordea
  • Novatron
  • SPP
  • Teknikföretagen
  • Telenor


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Join thousands of brilliant entrepreneurs, business leaders investors, industry experts and many more in discussing entrepreneurship sustainability and innovation. Techarenan Summit is a full day event with panel discussions, expert seminars, pitches, tech exhibition and networking. Waterfront Congress Centre, Stockholm, Sweden