Finalists 2024

The finals of Techarenan Challenge will take place on June 26-27 at Almedalsveckan, in Visby, Gotland.

The winners are announced on June 27 at Techminglet 2024, Almedalsveckan


&Repeat  | GreenTech

&Repeat offers a digital reuse and recycling reward system for takeaway food packaging. Their solution includes reusable, bio-circular polypropylene containers that can be reused over 150 times and are fully recyclable. The system allows users to borrow containers, enjoy their meals, and return the packaging for rewards. &Repeat aims to reduce single-use packaging waste and promote sustainability in the food industry.


Acorai  | MedTech

Acorai develops a non-invasive heart monitor that uses a combination of seismic, acoustic, visual, and electrocardiographic sensors to estimate intracardiac pressures. This device aims to support personalized heart failure treatment by providing accurate and actionable data, improving patient management and outcomes. Acorai collaborates with leading hospitals and employs advanced machine learning for continuous clinical validation.


Blykalla  | Energy

Blykalla develops advanced small modular reactors (SMRs) using lead as a coolant, enhancing safety and efficiency for clean energy production. Their reactors aim to provide reliable, carbon-free baseload power, complementing intermittent renewable sources. Founded as a spin-off from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Blykalla integrates over 25 years of research into their technology, focusing on reducing construction costs and improving deployment flexibility.


Bower  | CleanTech

Bower is a recycling app that rewards users for properly sorting and recycling their waste. Users can scan barcodes on recyclable items, find nearby recycling bins, and earn points for recycling efforts. The app tracks environmental impact, such as CO₂ savings, and offers fun challenges to engage users. Bower partners with numerous brands and aims to promote sustainable habits globally.


BrainZell  | Biotech

BrainZell develops human brain cell models using induced pluripotent stem cells (hiPSCs) to create organoids that mimic the human brain’s architecture and functionality. These models aid in drug testing and toxicity assessments, aiming to replace traditional animal testing. BrainZell’s technology offers scalable and reproducible results, enhancing the precision of compound testing and supporting the development of life-changing therapies.


Cellfion  | Cleantech

Cellfion develops cellulose-based, PFAS-free membranes for hydrogen, battery, and ion-separation technologies. Their sustainable membranes are made from wood-derived cellulose and offer customizable features like ion-conductivity and mechanical integrity. Cellfion’s solutions are cost-competitive, adaptable, and aim to replace PFSA-based membranes, supporting applications in PEM fuel cells, flow batteries, and electrolysis.


Cling  | Energy

Cling Systems develops a circular platform for electric vehicle batteries, facilitating their repurposing into second life energy storage or recycling into sustainable raw materials. The platform streamlines operations such as warehousing, testing, dismantling, and shipping, maximizing both commercial and environmental value. Cling aims to promote battery circularity and sustainability in the battery supply chain, supporting both societal and environmental benefits.


Drev  | Energy

DREV develops sustainable cleaning solutions for the battery manufacturing industry. Their technology focuses on enhancing safety and material recovery during the production process. By partnering with industry leaders and securing funding, DREV aims to innovate and improve the efficiency and environmental impact of battery production.


eComID  | Retail

eComID helps global online retailers reduce product returns and their environmental impact through an AI-powered platform. By encouraging responsible shopping behavior, eComID aims to minimize returns, lower carbon emissions, and decrease landfill waste. The platform facilitates industry collaboration to transform eCommerce into a more sustainable practice, benefiting both businesses and the environment.


Elain  | Logistics

Elain specializes in CO₂ tracking for logistics, providing precise emission data per order, recipient, and carrier. By automating data collection from transport networks, Elain replaces traditional estimates with accurate, primary data. This enhances decision-making for effective decarbonization and robust sustainability reporting. Elain’s solutions support compliance with CSR directives and improve ESG ratings, offering real-time visibility into logistics sustainability performance.


Encare  | MedTech

Encare provides digital tools and training for implementing the Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS®) program in hospitals. Their platform, the ERAS® Interactive Audit System (EIAS), supports various surgical protocols to improve patient outcomes by reducing complications and shortening hospital stays. Encare collaborates with the ERAS® Society to ensure protocols are based on the latest evidence and best practices, enhancing perioperative care through data-driven insights and compliance tracking.


Enginzyme  | BioTech

EnginZyme leverages enzyme technology for sustainable chemical manufacturing. Their patented enzyme immobilization technology enables efficient biomanufacturing without living organisms, offering cleaner and more precise chemical processes. EnginZyme aims to reduce the chemical industry’s greenhouse gas emissions by more than half, supporting a transition to greener manufacturing practices. Their multidisciplinary team and full-stack approach facilitate the development and scaling of innovative solutions.


Flower  | Energy

Flower develops advanced solutions for the energy sector, focusing on renewable energy, battery energy storage systems (BESS), and grid optimization. Utilizing cutting-edge forecasting and trading software, Flower enhances grid resilience and stability, while providing additional revenue streams for asset owners. Their services cater to grid owners, producers, and consumers, promoting a balanced and efficient energy ecosystem.


Herbox  | FemTech

Herbox provides sustainable and high-quality dispensers for menstrual products to businesses, schools, and organizations. Founded in 2021, Herbox aims to promote gender equality by ensuring menstrual products are as accessible as toilet paper. Their dispensers require no electricity or maintenance and come with 100% organic menstrual products. Herbox products are designed to create safe and inclusive environments by making menstrual products easily available.


Hypertype  | B2B SaaS

Hypertype is an AI-powered email assistant designed to streamline customer communications by drafting personalized email replies and live chat responses. It integrates with various data sources to quickly provide accurate information, enhancing productivity for customer support and sales teams. Hypertype prioritizes data security and privacy, offering GDPR compliance and encryption. It helps businesses save time on repetitive tasks, allowing them to focus on strategic work.


Klu  | AI

Klu is an AI-powered search engine that integrates with various work applications like Slack, Notion, Gmail, and Google Drive to provide a unified search experience. It enables users to find attachments, messages, emails, and files across multiple accounts with a single search bar. Klu also supports interactive data chats, enhancing productivity by delivering quick and accurate results. The platform ensures secure data handling with encryption and SOC2 certification.


Liquid Wind  | Energy

Liquid Wind develops commercial-scale eFuel facilities that convert renewable electricity and biogenic CO2 into eMethanol. This synthetic fuel supports the decarbonization of hard-to-abate sectors like global shipping by providing a carbon-neutral alternative. Liquid Wind focuses on optimal site development, attracting investors, efficient construction, and operational management using their Digital Twin technology. They aim to advance the electrification of the transportation industry and reduce dependency on fossil fuels.


Mifundo  | Fintech

Mifundo enables borderless loans across Europe by creating and verifying a passportable financial identity for users. It allows individuals moving or living in multiple countries to access credit products from foreign banks, comparing multiple offers with one request. Mifundo’s platform is secure, licensed by the Estonian Financial Supervision Authority, and uses advanced encryption to protect user data.



VISS.AI aims to democratize AI by making it accessible for everyone. They offer custom AI platforms and solutions to automate and enhance various business processes without requiring deep technical expertise. Their products include for workflow automation and Stella, an open-source multi-agent AI framework. Norditech collaborates with businesses to develop innovative AI-driven projects, promoting efficiency and innovation.


Rebaba  | Energy

Rebaba offers circular battery energy storage systems by upcycling electric vehicle batteries. These systems provide safe, sustainable, and locally produced solutions to store cheap electricity and use it during peak price hours, optimizing energy usage and reducing carbon footprints. The batteries support grid balancing, offer fire-proof safety, and help businesses expand operations without grid constraints, all while reducing electricity bills and creating new revenue streams.


Saveggy  | FoodTech

Saveggy offers a plant-based solution to extend the shelf life of fresh fruits and vegetables through dipping or spraying after harvest. Their product is 100% plant-based, edible, GMO-free, additive-free, gluten-free, and compliant with EFSA and FDA standards. Saveggy aims to reduce global food waste by preserving produce freshness, thus acknowledging the value of food and the resources used in its production.


Tandem Health  | HealthTech

Tandem Health offers an AI-driven tool that transcribes and creates comprehensive medical notes automatically during patient consultations. This tool aims to reduce administrative burdens, allowing healthcare providers to focus more on patient care. It complies with GDPR and Swedish patient data laws, ensuring data security and privacy. Tandem Health is designed for easy integration into existing clinical workflows, supporting multiple languages and automating documentation processes.


Tings  | Retail

Tings is an AI-powered app that helps manage, fix, sell, and maintain your possessions. It automatically organizes your purchases by connecting to your email accounts and loyalty programs. The app uses AI to evaluate the value of items for sale, generate ads, find repair services, and provide maintenance reminders to extend the lifespan of your belongings.


Stratipath  | Medtech

Stratipath leverages deep learning to revolutionize cancer diagnostics, making it faster and more affordable compared to traditional methods like molecular assays. Their technology analyzes digital images from pathology labs globally, delivering precise risk assessments of tumor relapse within hours at significantly reduced costs. This breakthrough reduces diagnostic delays and ensures equitable treatment across populations. Designed for integration into existing clinical workflows, Stratipath’s AI solutions are regulatory compliant and user-friendly, fostering trust among healthcare providers. By transforming cancer diagnostics, Stratipath is not just enhancing patient outcomes but also reshaping the future of medical diagnostics.