Finalists 2022

All finalists pitched to a jury at Almedalen 2022. The finalists pitched on Techarenan’s main stage during Techarenan Bright.

The winners were announced at Techminglet 2022

Adway logo

Adway   |   Martech

Adway has developed a social recruitment platform for talent acquisition. The company’s AI platform picks up roles, applies the right branding, and automatically publishes recruitment and employer branding ads across social media optimized towards the customers talent pool. In this way, the platform helps clients reach active and passive job seekers, which is a big challenge for companies today. Adway has grown quickly to more than 70 employees and more than 100 enterprise customers in Europe.



AirForestry  |  Forest tech / Green tech

AirForestry is focused on creating healthier forests by thinning out trees from the sky with electric and autonomous high capacity drones, without damaging the soil, roots or nature. By using the company’s drones, you can increase the forests’ ability to sequester carbon by freeing up 20 percent of forest land currently used for forestry access roads. Since their launch in 2020, AirForestry has grown to more than 20 employees.



BudID Technology  Fintech/Proptech

BudID Technology is a fintech and proptech company delivering digital and safe services within the real estate business. Their platform connects all parts of a real estate transaction to ensure compliance and identify potential buyers before bidding while letting them verify loan commitments from their bank. Their services are already used by some of Sweden’s largest real estate companies.

Bringing transparency in to the buying and selling process



Edgy Veggie  |  Foodtech

Edgy Veggie is a foodtech company that produces seitan products which are completely vegan, have a short ingredient list, and more than 20 percent protein. Seitan is a sustainable alternative to meat and is made of Swedish wheat. The company sells to both consumers and food service. Their “meat” is made through a sustainable process where there’s no waste, and all the water used is left in the products.



ihopa  | Access economy / Circular economy

ihopa has developed a service platform that provides its users and property owners with local access to shared physical products. The digital system in combination with self-service box technology tackles the usual sharing challenges and makes accessing products easier. Users can use the fully managed service to borrow products in a more sustainable way.



imogo  | Textile Machinery

imogo is a textile machinery company which has developed a new sustainable textile dyeing process based on digitally controlled spray application. The company’s process saves 90 percent water, chemistry and energy compared to traditional jet dying — productivity is increased and virtually no liquid waste is generated. Imogo has worked with some of the largest brands in the world and has clients in the major textile producing countries Bangladesh and Turkey.



Insert Coin  |  Gamification

Insert Coin has developed a gamification engine which they offer as a Gamification-as-a-Service (GaaS). The platform enables clients to create experiences with gamification elements to boost user engagement. The Insert Coin engine has more than 12 million users across industries such as production, finance, and educational platforms.



Katla Aero  |  Electric Aviation

Katla Aero develops and manufactures high speed and long range electric drones and aircraft focused on helping make the aviation industry more sustainable. Katla Aero’s drone aims to increase the efficiency of regional transportation of cargo. The company’s electric and autonomous aircraft will carry up two passengers.  


Lunar black

Lunar  |  Fintech

Lunar is a 100 percent digital bank with more than 500,000 users. The company provides a range of financial services including insurance, savings, budgets, loans, and investments via a mobile application. Lunar also operates a banking license. To date, the company has raised more than Euro 300 million from globally renowned investors. The company was founded in 2015 in Denmark and employs more than 600 people across the Nordics.



Lysa  |  Fintech

Lysa is a fintech company focused on making it simpler for people to save and invest money through their robo advisor. The company has more than 100,000 customers in Sweden, Denmark and Finland, and is launching in Germany and Spain. Since inception Lysa has grown at a high pace and is backed by well known investors such as, Karl-Johan Persson (chairman H&M), Christer Gardell (founder Cevian).



ManoMotion  |  Automotive, Industrial, MedTech

ManoMotion has developed a technology to enable real-time 2D and 3D hand tracking and gesture control with minimal computing and power requirements and standard sensors with no dedicated hardware. Their patented technology allows for a much more complex interaction than using keypads, mouses and touchscreens. The company has won several international awards and has gained global attention.



MaterialMapper  |  Proptech

MaterialMapper is a proptech company focused on digitalizing construction sites for reusable materials. The company’s platform shows industry stakeholders where, when and what materials will become available for reuse from demolitions, renovations and new construction up to five years into the future. The company has won several awards in Europe and attracted more than 40 B2B clients in the first month of their platform launch.



Mindforce Game Lab  |   Medtech

Mindforce Game Lab is a medtech and gaming company, creating digital therapeutics built on a science-based foundation. The company’s first game provides support to people diagnosed with depression or bipolar disorder who have been prescribed medication and have received CE marking as a medical device. 



Monok  |  Content Automation

Monok has developed a platform that automates production of news content. Through its AI and machine learning based platform, customers can create unique and SEO’d news articles with photos, social media posts and videos, from a single keyword. Monok has clients in Japan, the US, the UK and the EU.


Monta logo

Monta  Cleantech, Energy, Mobility

Monta has developed an all-in-one software solution for EV charging stations. This allows electric drivers and users to manage and customize charging points, regardless of brand and type. In less than 18 months, the company has entered more than 9 markets and employs more than 100 people.



Multi4  |  Medtech

Multi4 is a medtech company primarily focused on removing urinary bladder cancer in a simple and automated way. Their patented electrified instrument can inject anesthesia, burn off cancer, remove cancerous tissue and transport out each piece, which opens up for treating and diagnosing wake patients. The company is the first in the world to succeed in developing automated technology for endoscopic cancer diagnosis and treatment.



MYoroface  |  Medtech

MYoroface is a medtech company that aims to treat common diseases without negative side effects. Their IQoro product is a CE marked neuromuscular training device that reduces conditions like reflux, snoring, and swallowing difficulties. MYoroface has expanded into multiple markets and their product has been approved in the UK as a prescriptive device.


Myrspoven logo

Myrspoven  |  Proptech

Myrspoven is focused on helping the real estate industry to save energy by using artificial intelligence that integrates with buildings’ existing systems and manages HVAC autonomously. Today 20 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions come from buildings, and HVAC systems account for over 50% of these emissions.Myrspoven’s mission is to globally contribute to the industry’s carbon footprint reduction by 1%. The company recently attracted 54 million SEK in funding and has entered the European market.



Nordic Umami Company  |  Foodtech

Nordic Umami Company is a food tech company developing fermentation-based technology that extracts natural umami flavors from plant-based ingredients. Nearly 14 percent of edible food is thrown away before it reaches the store, which is why the company is developing a circular food system that reduces waste and emissions by using agricultural and food-industry side products. Nordic Umami Company was founded in Helsinki, Finland.



Peafowl Plasmonics  |  Renewable Energy

Peafowl Plasmonics patented transparent solar power technology  aims at making electronic devices sustainable and self-powered. Peafowl’s direct plasmonic light harvesting cell converts light into electricity, thus replacing batteries and cables. The company is a spin-out from Ångström Laboratory at Uppsala University, and was founded in 2018.



Quartr  |  Data Intelligence

Quartr has developed a platform aimed at creating easier access to investor relations material, including conference calls, transcripts, slide decks and reports. Their product is an app for retail and professional investors. Quartr has more than 5,000 companies from 19 different markets on their platform, with users in more than 160 countries.



SCALINQ  |  Deep tech/Quantum Computing

SCALINQ is a deep tech and quantum computing company creating solutions to simplify the scaling of quantum computers for research teams and manufacturers. Their first product, LINQER, enables quantum processors with up to 300 microwave lines which is significantly higher than available commercial solutions. The company has already gained a lot of traction and received a grant from Wallenberg Launchpad.



SelfBack  |  Digital Therapeutics

SelfBack has developed an evidence-based software for treatment of lower back pain. Their app uses artificial intelligence to generate tailor-made self-management plans. This is the world’s first AI-driven digital self-management solution with clinical evidence, and CE marked medical device. This enables the company to market as qualified for cost reimbursement from health insurances. SelfBack was established in Denmark, is working with the NHS in the UK, and has won private and public contracts in Denmark and Norway.



STILRIDE  |  Cleantech

STILRIDE has developed a manufacturing ecosystem around a process for folding a 2D metal sheet into a 3D advanced design product. Their first STILFOLD design is a sustainable industrial origami electric scooter with minimal environmental footprints. Trough its proprietary industrial origami manufacturing process STILRIDE can substantially reduce the weight and use of components which means lower cost and less labor intensive production. 



SurfCleaner  |  Cleantech

SurfCleaner has developed the world’s first skimmer separator hybrid for removal, separation and recovery of contaminants floating on the surface of water. The company helps remove oil in ports, lakes, mines and oil pits, and helps industries recover oil, diesel and petrol from contaminated water. SurfCleaner has customers in various industries including steel mills, tunnel projects, mining, oil harbors and wastewater plants.



Volta Greentech  |  Cleantech

Volta Greentech battles global warming by providing farmers with an entirely natural seaweed-based feed supplement which drastically reduces the methane emissions produced by cows and cattle. By using the company’s product, farmers have been able to achieve more than 90 percent reduction of methane emissions. Cows produce over 4 percent of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions which is twice as much than the world’s fleet of airplanes.



Wayout International | Sustaintech/Cleantech

Wayout International develops hardware and software systems for local drinking water production with minimal eco-footprint. A single system provides two thousand people with 100% locally sourced and safe drinking water while preventing up to 483 tons of greenhouse gasses and single use plastic bottles from entering the ecosystem every year. Wayout has won several international awards and is currently working with global brands including Ericsson, Telenor and Siemens.



Worldish  |  Medtech/Healthtech

Worldish has developed a software solution for overcoming communication barriers that exist in healthcare and society, like linguistics, cultural differences, and medical complexity. Theri product,Helen, is a CE-certified digital tool used by healthcare providers to overcome language barriers and other challenges communicating with patients. Worldish has a customer base consisting of regions, national agencies as well as private healthcare providers such as Capio.



Yepstr  |  HR-tech

Yepstr is a HR-tech company focused on connecting young people to job opportunities spanning from babysitting or tutoring in the neighborhoods to event staff and warehouse jobs. The platform handles all administration such as scheduling, insurances, payments etc. More than 40,000 teenagers use Yepstr´s service, and the company has grown substantially over the past year.



Zebrain  |  Healthtech

Zebrain has created a digital coaching-based development platform.  Zebrain aims to address major challenges to corporations and society associated with stress, sick-leave and demotivation, which are huge when poor mental health is the main driver. Through the Zebrain platform, companies gain access to research-based state-of-the-art coaching programs which have shown beneficial results after only three months, such as increased motivation, decreased stress and improved sleeping habits.