Tech Exhibition

26 April 2023

Waterfront Congress Centre, Nils Ericsons Plan 4, Stockholm.

Prepare monter

  • 26 April 08:00-09:00


The conference is free of charge. All exhibitors must register.


The Pitch shall be maximum 4 minutes. Your presentation will be shown on a screen on the stage. There will also be a clicker.

Language: English.

Props: You may showcase your product.

Format: Preferable PDF. If you need to use Keynote or Powerpoint, upload typeface.

Upload:  latest 19th of April. Name the file with company name.

Exhbition stand

Each exhibitor will receive an exhibition stand and a table.


Your company name will be written in white letters on black area at the top. The backdrop/stand material is stretched textile.

You may use the whole print area for your messaging. Print dimensions: 992 x 2120mmSee tech spec below for print info. Please note that the messaging shall showcase the company’s business/mission/vision and not a sales offer.

Deadline for Print 12th of April. (If you dont send any print material your backdrop will be black. 

Standing table, diameter of 46 cm

Tech Spec

1. File types
Preferrable PDF (Fogra 39) Illustrator or EPS works.
• Full color bitmaps, preferably in .TIFF

• Also possible: JPG, Photoshop EPS Indesign files will only be accepted when accompanied by all fonts and bitmaps.
QuarkXPress documents or PowerPoint, Publisher, Word and Excel files are not accepted.

2. Resolution and lay-out
• Digital: min 80, max 150 dpi in scale 1:1.
• Vector graphics, full color bitmap or a combination of both (PDF)
• No crop marks, bleed marks, registration marks, etc.

• No “overprints”
• Convert text to outlines (or supply the fonts)
• Provide a minimum bleed of 15 mm at all sides

3. Colours
• Preferable CMYK, RGB works but will be converted to CMYK Fogra39
• Colours will be reproduced differently according to the respective material; printing on textile has its limitations.


Any questions contact

Tommy Fondelius

Marketing material

Here you find banners you may use.


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