Awarded live on stage in Almedalen

Tuesday July 5, Strandvägen 2 Visby

The entrepreneurship competition for the Nordic region's foremost
startup and growth companies

Techarenan arranges an annual entrepreneurship competition that is open to all Swedish and Nordic entrepreneurship-led companies in the startup and growth phase.

The competition has been organized since 2014 and is aimed at companies that are based on a unique innovation or business idea with the potential to be commercialized in the global market.

What you compete for:

The winners of the Techarenan Challenge get a place in the delegation that in previous years has visited New York and Silicon Valley, Tokyo and Seoul, as well as Sao Paolo. The purpose of the delegation is to make business contacts, create networks and gain a deeper understanding of new markets.

Final Package ★

Alla bolag som tar sig till finalen  vinner ett finalpaket som bland annat inkluderar: utställningsplats i samband med Techarenan Summit i höst, en plats i Techarenans Entreprenörsnätverk, marknadsföring i Techarenans kanaler och på med mera.


  • Startup Company of the Year
  • Growth Company of the Year
  • Audience Prize
  • Social Impact Award
  • Industry Prize
  • Business Award


The competition is open to all companies, regardless of company form, area of ​​activity or phase. The company shall:

  • Be an entrepreneur
  • Have a unique technology / concept / business idea


The jury judges the company and the business concept based on:

  • Scalability
  • Uniqueness
  • Market potential
  • Global applicability
  • Competence within the team

See what happened at Techarenan Challenge 2021

Final 1

Final 2

Winners Trip

All prize categories are rewarded with a place on the winning delegation. 

Previous trips have been made to New York and Silicon Valley, Tokyo and Seoul as well as Sao Paolo.

The winners delegation 2020 in Sao Paolo 

Pictures from previous trips

Vinnare i Techarenan Challenge


Startup Company of the YearPlasticFri

Growth Company of the YearPlatform24

Business Award – Skyqraft

Audience PrizeAdverty

Industry Prize – Ferroamp

Social Impact Award – Quizrr

AI & Technical edge award –ClimateView


Startup Company of the YearGrace Health

Growth Company of the YearDynamic Code

Audience PrizeNectarine Heath

Industry Prize – Climeon

Social Impact Award – Grace Health

Business Award – Exeger

AI & Technical edge award – Sana Labs


Startup Company of the Year – Elypta

Growth Company of the Year – Too Good To Go

Audience Prize – The Humble Co.

Industry Prize – Sentina Bay

Social Impact Award – TrusTrace


Startup Company of the Year – Kognity

Growth Company of the Year – Matsmart

Audience Prize – PantaPåsen

Industry Prize – Swedish Algae Factory

Social Impact Award – Moving Floor


Startup Company of the Year – Sprinklebit

Growth Company of the Year – SaltX

Audience Prize – Prindit

Industry Prize – SaltX

Social Impact Award – Coala Life


Startup Company of the Year – Cellink

Growth Company of the Year – Min Doktor

Audience Prize – Cellink

Industry Prize – Cellink


Startup Company of the Year – Furhat Robotics

Growth Company of the Year – Visiba Group

Finalister och Framtidsbolag

Jury 2022


Sara Resvik

VD, BackingMinds


Finn Persson

Partner & Co Founder, Spintop Ventures

Kerstin Cooley

Kerstin Cooley

Founding Partner, Brightly Ventures

Noel Abdayem

Noel Abdayem

Founder, Humble Co/Investor
(Winner Techarenan 2019)


Techarenan Partners 2022