Techarenan Challenge / Application

The competition is open to all entrepreneur-led companies regardless of their area of business/business sector. The company must:

  • Be entrepreneur-driven
  • Be based on a unique technology/concept/business idea

The jury assesses the companies and their business idea based on:

  • Scalability
  • Uniqueness
  • Sustainability
  • Market potential
  • Global applicability
  • Team skills/competency

Rules & Terms
By participating, you and the company (i) agree to Techarenan Challenge terms and conditions for participation and (ii) confirm that the information you submit is truthful. You must ensure that you or the company owns and produced all submitted photographs, text, and other material. All entries must be received no later than 8 May 2024.

Competition managers (and external experts, if necessary) review your application. All materials that you submit in connection with the competition will be treated as public information. If there are specific reasons why certain information must remain confidential during the initial selection process, then you are responsible for notifying the competition managers in the submission form field that asks for additional information.

Qualifying presentations occur only before the jury. On-site spectators will be following the finals. Competition management reserves the right (if deemed appropriate) to indefinitely use parts of the pitches and footage from the pitches for communication and marketing purposes.

Competition management reserves the right to terminate or modify Techarenan Challenge without prior notification.

The jury’s decision in all Techarenan Challenge phases is final and cannot be appealed.

Competition management cannot be held liable for any losses or damages suffered by competing companies, as a consequence of participation in Techarenan Challenge.


Usage rights
By participating in Techarenan Challenge, you agree that competition management may:

Publish and display your footage for communication and marketing purposes before, during, and after the competition, where and when appropriate.

Use images, text, and materials that you share and that is generated during the competition for communication and marketing purposes, for an unlimited period without remuneration.

Share your contact details to with partners of the Competition.