Techarenan Summit 2020

Innovation, trends and entrepreneurship in focus when business leaders, entrepreneurs and politicians gathered at the Techarenan Summit 2020.

In addition to the panel discussions, the 50 finalist companies pitched in the Techarenan Challenge and winners in four categories were announced.

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In the panel
  • Rickard Lyko, Founder, Lyko
  • Karin Lindahl, CEO, Indiska
  • Daniel Nilsson, CEO, Esatto
  • Dan Bjurman, CEO, Salesforce Sweden
  • Azita Shariati, CEO AniCura

Speakers during the event

Annie Lööf

Annie Lööf

Party Leader, Centerpartiet

Henrik Henriksson

Henrik Henriksson

CEO, Scania

Anna Wikland

Anna Wikland

CEO, Google Sweden

Ibrahim BaylanNäringsminister (S)

Ibrahim Baylan

Minister for Business, Industry & Innovation

Mia Brunell LivforsVD, Axel Johnson

Mia Brunell

CEO, Axel Johnson

Anders Svensson

Anders Svensson

CEO, ICA Sweden

Monica Lingegård

Monica Lingegård


Sofia Palmquist

Sofia Palmquist

CEO, Aleris Group

Johan AttbyFounder, Fishbrain

Johan Attby

Founder, Fishbrain

Susanne Najafi Grundare, BackingMinds

Susanne Najafi

Founder, BackingMinds 

Rickard LykoFounder, LYKO

Rickard Lyko

Founder, LYKO

Jarno VanhatapioFounder,

Jarno Vanhatapio


Karin LindahlCEO, Indiska

Karin Lindahl

CEO, Indiska

Daniel NilssonCEO, Esatto

Daniel Nilsson

CEO, Esatto

Peter DalmalmHead of Business Banking,Nordea Sweden

Peter Dalmalm

Head of Business Banking,
Nordea Sweden

Kenneth FredriksenDirector, Huawei Nordics

Kenneth Fredriksen

Director, Huawei Nordics

Pernilla VinnebyCEO, Knowit Experience

Pernilla Vinneby

CEO, Knowit Experience

Dan Bjurman

Dan Bjurman

CEO, Salesforce Sweden

Emil Eifrem

Emil Eifrem

Founder, Neo4j

Katja LindvallFounder, Moving Floor

Katja Lindvall

Founder, Moving Floor

Alexander NorénTech Correspondent

Alexander Norén

Tech Correspondent

Rickard Lagerqvist Founder, Mindler

Rickard Lagerqvist

Founder, Mindler

Tobias Lindh CEO, Adyen Nordics

Tobias Lindh

CEO, Adyen Nordics

Carl-Johan Karlsson Director SME, EKN

Carl-Johan Karlsson

Director SME, EKN

Annika Winsth Chief Economist, Nordea

Annika Winsth

Chief Economist, Nordea

Jakob Dahlberg Founder, Joint Academy

Jakob Dahlberg

Founder, Joint Academy

Azita Shariati

Azita Shariati

CEO, AniCura

Maja Magnusson Founder, Care to Translate

Maja Magnusson

Founder, Care to Translate

Michael Lantz Founder, Accedo

Michael Lantz

Founder, Accedo

Malin ParklerVD, Pfizer Sverige

Malin Parkler

CEO, Pfizer Sweden

Johannes Boson CEO, Telge Energi

Johannes Boson

CEO, Telge Energi

Anders Fast Baker McKenzie

Anders Fast

Managing Director,
Baker McKenzie Advokatbyrå

Ingo Uytdehaage CFO, Adyen

Ingo Uytdehaage

CFO, Adyen

Program during Techarenan Summit 2020

See our program down bellow

Time: 08:20

Topic:  How to grow in this new situation

Rickard Lyko, Founder, Lyko
Karin Lindahl, CEO, Indiska
Daniel Nilsson, CEO, Esatto
Dan Bjurman, CEO, Salesforce Sweden
Azita Shariati, CEO, AniCura


Time: 09:00

Topic: Global megatrends forming the businesses of tomorrow

Anna Wikland, CEO, Google Sweden
Henrik Henriksson, CEO, Scania
Alexander Norén, Tech Correspondent
Anders Fast, Managing Director, Baker McKenzie


Time: 09:50

Topic: The new consumer – the foundation for innovation and transformation

Anders Svensson, CEO, ICA Sweden
Malin Parkler, CEO, Pfizer Sweden
Stefan Öberg, CEO, Tradera
Jarno Vanhatapio, Founder, NA-KD
Héléne Barnekow, CEO, Microsoft Sweden


Time: 10:40

Topic: How to leverage AI and tech for sustainability

Mia Brunell, CEO, Axel Johnson
Monica Lingegård, CEO, SJ
Peter Lundin, VP, Research & Development, Huawei
Per Wallentin, CEO, Knowit
Johannes Boson, CEO, Telge Energi


Time: 11:25

Topic: From startup to one of Europes largest Tech IPOs

Ingo Uytdehaage, CFO, Adyena


Time: 12:20

Topic: Dark clouds but with glimpse of light – what does the recovery look like?


Annika Winsth, Chief Economist, Nordea


Time: 13:15

Award Ceremony

The winners of Techarenan Challenge 2020 are announced. Categories 
– Public Choice
– Social Impact Award
– Industry Award
– AI & Technical Edge Award


Time: 13:50

Topic: Sweden as a platform for the world’s best entrepreneurs

Ibrahim Baylan, Minister for Enterprise, Industry & Innovation
Johan Attby, Founder, Fishbrain
Susanne Najafi, Founder, BackingMinds
Emil Eifrem, Founder, Neo4j
Maja Magnusson, Founder, Care to Translate


Time: 14:40

Topic: How to create growth and stimulate export for Swedish companies


Annie Lööf, Party Leader, Centerpartiet
Carl-Johan Karlsson, Director SME, EKN
Peter Dalmalm, Head of Business Banking, Nordea Sweden
Katja Lindvall, Founder, Moving Floor
Michael Lantz, Founder, Accedo

Time: 15:30

Topic: The modern patient and tech

Sofia Palmquist, CEO, Aleris Group
Rickard Lagerqvist, Founder, Mindler
Pernilla Vinneby, CEO, Knowit Experience
Jakob Dahlberg, Founder, Joint Academy
Björn Thorngren, CEO, MEDS