See what happened at the 2021 Entrepreneurs Convention


8:45 - The road to a million users
  • Filip Tröger, CEO Flarie
  • Maria Hedengren, CEO Readly
  • Patrik Nybladh, CEO G-loot
  • Johan Svanberg, CEO Record Union
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9:45 - "Monetizing Data" - Create value through data
  • Anders Lundgren, medgrundare Valu8
  • Daniel Gadd, vd Position Green
  • Jonas Ehne, grundare Goava
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10:35 - The art of building a platform company
  • Matilda Waara Holmqvist, marknadschef Globhe
  • Gustav Lundberg Toresson, medgrundare Memmo
  • Adam Aljaraidah, medgrundare Virkesbörsen
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11:30 - Create momentum and reach hyper-growth
  • Petra Ringström, medgrundare Steamery
  • Erik Martinson, vd & grundare Svea solar
  • Erik Gatenholm, vd & medgrundare Cellink
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13:20 - Acquired: the way there, and the time after
  • Jacob Pihl, Grundare All Rise (förvärvat av Knowit)
  • Jon Persson, Grundare Cygni (förvärvat av Accenture)
  • Caroline Fjellner, Grundare &Frankly (förvärvat av Simployer)
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14:15 - Foodtech: Create new sustainable behaviours and change an entire industry
  • Erik Wallin, medgrundare Northfork
  • Elsa Bernadotte, medgrundare Karma
  • Anton Johansson, ekonomichef Mycorena
  • Hanna Thofelt Lindström, kommunikationschef Matsmart
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15:10 - AI as a tool for competence development and education
  • Anna Nordell-Westling, medgrundare SanaLabs
  • Karin Thurberg, AI-expert Huawei
  • Matilda Ernkrans, Ministern för högre utbildning och forskning
  • Aurore Belfrage, senior rådgivare AI Sweden
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Knowledge Tracks

09:25 - Working with digital growth in sales
10:20 - How does it work when you are recruiting international talent
11:15 - Use ESG to increase interest from investors and customers
12:10 - How to get a head start with Analytics 4
12:45 - How do loan financing and guarantees for growth companies work
14:00 - Skills supply in growth companies

Selection of Speakers

Matilda Ernkrans

Matilda Ernkrans

Minister för högre utbildning och forskning

Erik Martinson Svea Solar

Erik Martinson

Vd & grundare, Svea Solar

Maria Hedengren Readly

Maria Hedengren

Vd Readly
Ulf Skagerström, Matsmart

Ulf Skagerström

Medgrundare, Matsmart
Erik Gatenholm, Cellink

Erik Gatenholm

Vd & medgrundare, Cellink

Petra Ringström, Steamery

Petra Ringström

Medgrundare, Steamery

Filip Tröger

Filip Tröger

Medgrundare, Flarie
Patrik Nybladh

Patrik Nybladh

Vd G-Loot

Karin Thurberg Huawei

Karin Thurberg

AI-expert, Huawei

Adam Aljaraidah, Virkesbörsen

Adam Aljaraidah

Medgrundare, Virkesbörsen
Gustav Lundberg, Memmo

Gustav Lundberg Toresson

Medgrundare, Memmo
Anna NordellAnna Nordell-Westling, SanaLabs-Westling

Anna Nordell-Westling

Medgrundare, SanaLabs
Erik Wallin

Erik Wallin

Medgrundare, Northfork

Johan Svanberg

Johan Svanberg

Vd, Record Union

Matilda Waara Holmqvist

Matilda Waara Holmqvist

Marknadschef, Globhe

Anton Johansson, MyCorena

Anton Johansson

Ekonomichef, MyCorena

Josefin Landgård

Josefin Landgård

Grundare, Mantle

Anders Lundgren, Valu8

Anders Lundgren

Medgrundare, Value8

Daniel Gadd, Position Green

Daniel Gadd

Vd, Position Green

Jonas Ehne, Goava

Jonas Ehne

Grundare, Goava

Elsa Bernadotte, Karma

Elsa Bernadotte

Medgrundare, Karma

Jon Persson

Jon Persson

Grundare, Cygni

Jacob Pihl

Jacob Pihl

Grundare, All Rise

Caroline Fjellner

Caroline Fjellner

Grundare, &Frankly